Full-on powder day at Bennet Peak. A healthy dose of 16 inches of new, accompanied with some wind in the last 24hr left a clean slate up high. While coverage is still thin at the lower elevations, once you top out on the shelf above 7,000' the snow gets heavenly right now. Nice light snow with a supportive base for some grip, made for perfect carving and climbing. We made it up to the highest legal snowmobile location in the Wallowas (8,300'), and there was still a firm melt/freeze layer that high under the new snow.

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Pete's Point

You and your friends, and many others, will definitely approve and condone your promotion of this area. Pete's Point is a magnificent climb of one of the high points of Oregon, which will surely give you a boost in self-edification. If you value the wildness, solitude, and lack of crowds, this is the the winter excursion for you. I am hell-bent on advertising this area with the double goal of spending my personal money to promote our beautiful mountains in my backyard. Attaining this summit will definitely massage your already large ego, so go for it if the conditions are right and please share your experience with the rest of us. It is sure to impress your Twitter followers and Facebook friends...  
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Snowmobiling from Catherine Summit Snopark, Oregon - Taylor Green, Flagstaff, Big Creek, and West Eagle

Snowstorms from the west slam into the Wallowas at this location and generate huge snowfall from the the orographic lift of the high peaks in this area. Within a matter of a few hundred feet between Taylor Green and Flagstaff Butte the snow totals can be double to triple what is showing on the snotel at Taylor Green. The ridges and valleys past the warming shelter are very conducive to frolicking on your snow machine. ...  
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Winter Recreation at Andies Prairie

Andies Prairie Snopark in Tollgate, Oregon provides a variety of opportunities for winter recreation at the top of the Blue Mountains. The sledding hill is a two-sided gravel pit that looks like a giant half-pipe and provided tons of fun and bruises all day. There is a designated winter overnight camping area if you want to test your skills at this, close enough you can still use the bathroom facilities in the parking area. Snowmobile trail access is at the south end of the parking area. The rest of the area is off limits to snowmobiles. The Horseshoe Prairie nordic ski trail network is an ungroomed connection of roads and trails that is off-limits to motorized use...  
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