The winds were very strong starting last night and throughout the day. It was mostly a north wind and northeast wind, but seemed to be swirling from all directions at times. Snow transport has been very heavy and wind slabs we encountered with heavy and fracturing. The skiing was most unbelievably awesome in the trees on the southwest aspect of the peak. We had the elevator going for a series of laps before and after lunch and thoroughly enjoying the soft pillows in the low angle trees. It was an awesome day of skiing.

We had the amazing opportunity to practice strategic shoveling...
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Cornucopia Peak Backcountry Ski

Distance: 1.35 miles  ·  Gain: 893 ft
The ridge of Cornucopia Peak creates a large U-shaped ski-able formation with a pretty consistent shape on both south and north aspects. The top of the ridge is mostly 35-40 degree-angled slopes that gradually run out to mellower terrain. This can make for both fun skiing but challenging terrain to climb with avalanche danger. The route shown here is meant to be one of the less dangerous ways to gain the ridge, starting at the bench where Schneider Cabin is located. The SW aspect is known by the locals as "Avalanche Alley," a common spot where snowmobilers poach wilderness and have triggere...   Read full guide

Snowmobiling Halfway, Oregon

Distance: 13.32 miles  ·  Gain: 3855 ft
Take a variety or terrain features, mostly burnt trees, stunning views, highest snowfall totals in the Wallowas, and legal riding up to 8,000' elevation all outside of wilderness and you have the perfect sledneck formula above Halfway, Oregon. There are several access routes, most of which have a few challenges that require advanced riding skills. The snow is so deep at times it is difficult to make it into the good stuff, but once you break out into the burnt high terrain above 6,000 feet you'll find endless possibilities for playing on your snow machine. Clear Creek Snopark is the offici...   Read full guide

Randonee Laps at Spout Springs

Distance: 0.51 miles  ·  Gain: 410 ft
Spout Springs Ski Area offers a convenient hill to get some quick alpine touring fitness laps. Given the limited hours of the ski area and the non-motorized status of the mountain, you will usually have it all to yourself. The management often waits until 3-4 feet of snow are on the mountain to open, so early season and late season ski laps are possible on ungroomed open terrain. When they're open, you might be able to get some laps in during their night skiing too. The back side offers some backcountry ski terrain too, into the Read full guide