Presentation by Brian Sather, PhD, at the Dr. Bob Frederick Sport Leadership Lecture Series at Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, Idaho on October 17, 2016.

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Solstice MTB Loop

Distance: 6.35 miles  ·  Gain: 1 ft  ·  Season: May-November
This is the main loop of the original Solstice Triathlon, with a few modification as XTERRA La Grande. It includes signature sections like Suicide, Oshit Hill, and Rock Garden that are rugged and challenging, so you need to stay on your game the whole ride--both physically and mentally. The track shown here is almost entirely singletrack, offering a continuous 6 plus miles of it. It is shown here in the counterclockwise race direction, although it is good the other direction too. (Hopefully we can build an alternate route to climb to the top of suicide.) Note the loops on our EnterActive map t...   Read full guide

Merry-go-round Climb

Distance: 11.6 miles  ·  Gain: 2 ft
This is a long climb that earns you a partial view into the Wallowa Mountains. ...   Read full guide

Boulevard Trail - Mountain Biking the La Grande Reservoir Watershed

Distance: 3.6 miles  ·  Gain: 304.8 ft
Boulevard has a sweet incline across morel country that eventually plunges quickly down to the reservoir. To make a loop you can climb this trail and then drop down Marion Jordan Trail. It isn't too bad of a climb once you get over the steep stretch just above the lake. Otherwise, if you can work it into a downhill, that is even sweeter (as always). The Rocky Point Trail is a side trail that can be taken up to Marion Point. The non-motorized mandate of the watershed is our calling card to mountain bike the area. There is more trail up there too but more mountain bikers need to take it upon ...   Read full guide