We've got some horrible mountain bike trails in Northeastern Oregon. Many trails are bad because of poor maintenance, specifically lack of yearly cutting out the fallen trees. This list is not so much about worst maintained trails though. It is more of my gestalt-like impression on the overall riding experience on the trails. In fact, some of these are well maintained, just not fun mountain bike trails currently.

Here you go, the top 5 worst mountain bike trails in Northeast Oregon...
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Buck 50 Ride - Tollgate Oregon

Distance: 57.43 miles  ·  Gain: 8907.83 ft
My idea was to use some linkages to combine a string of trails up by Tollgate, Oregon to maximize singletrack in a long point to point ride. The Buck 50 is fifty miles of singletrack that combines 5 different trails. Even though it trends downhill and yields 10,000' of descending, this is a very difficult ride due to the massive climbs in the middle, and overall fierce pedaling needed on Umatilla Rim and the South Fork. Since the linkages are dirt roads mostly closed to traffic, you end up with a mix of singletrack and doubletrack short connectors that avoids pavement altogether. The first ti...   Read full guide

Boulevard Trail - Mountain Biking the La Grande Reservoir Watershed

Distance: 3.6 miles  ·  Gain: 304.85 ft
Boulevard has a sweet incline across morel country that eventually plunges quickly down to the reservoir. To make a loop you can climb this trail and then drop down Marion Jordan Trail. It isn't too bad of a climb once you get over the steep stretch just above the lake. Otherwise, if you can work it into a downhill, that is even sweeter (as always). The Rocky Point Trail is a side trail that can be taken up to Marion Point. The non-motorized mandate of the watershed is our calling card to mountain bike the area. There is more trail up there too but more mountain bikers need to take it upon ...   Read full guide

Sugarloaf Trail #1887 - Mountain Biking Halfway, Oregon

Distance: 9.35 miles  ·  Gain: 2820.66 ft
Sugarloaf Trail is a long west/east traverse with Sugarloaf Mountain in the middle of it. It maintains its elevation fairly well and gives you a taste of several riding surfaces from start to finish including old road, cow trails, a bit of gravel, and unintended ATV doubletrack. For the most part it is singletrack though. You would likely want to pick it up somewhere in the middle and do something fun with the ending of your adventure. There is only a very brief stretch of wilderness where the trail teases the wrong side of the watershed line, but we're still going to feature it here as a m...   Read full guide