Snowpack is still holding well, but sometime in the last couple weeks the structure at the bottom of the Happy Valley Chair at Spout Springs Ski Resort completely collapsed. There doesn't appear to be any damage to the pulley or cable but a chair looked pretty thrashed. In any case, the owner is aware and waiting for the snow to melt to get in to replace the building. I talked with him on the phone and he said he is confident they will resolve the issues with the Forest Service and open next winter. There is still about 3 feet of snow under the lift at the bottom but some ground is...
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Echo West Ranch & Vineyard Mountain Bike Trails - Echo, Oregon

Distance: 10.24 miles  ·  Gain: 1,206 ft  ·  Season: All
Echo has developed a great reputation for fun mountain biking in the Northwest because of its central location and year-around riding weather, not to mention the trails flow like tumbleweeds. (That's a good thing, because tumbleweeds roll fast across the Columbia Plateau.) We owe a great gratitude to Lloyd and Lois Piercy for breaking the farmer/rancher mold and offering up their uncultivated land to mountain bikers to build trail. They went out of their way to ask Scott's Cycles in Hermiston about turning their land into a mountain bike oasis...  
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Nor-way Up

First, the most important things. The snow bridges are still in on East Fork and Simmons creek crossings, albeit the primary bridge on the former is gone but a natural formation still exists. The road to cornucopia is bare dirt until Tunnel Canyon. Don't dare drive a trailer up there because you'll be backing up for ages. I managed to turn my truck with sled deck around by using a mission point turn hanging out over a cliff above Pine Creek. Then, you have to sled off and on dirt fore about a quarter mile at the most. Don't anticipate it melting all the way to the lodge for awhile though but h Read more

Greer Ranch Mountain Bike Trails - Murrieta, California

Distance: 0.62 miles  ·  Gain: 14 ft
Greer Ranch (a.k.a. The Nursery or The Farm) is a well built series downhill trails that offers some easy access and easy climbing for redonkulous descending mountain bike action. The trails have awesome berms and jumps with the bonus of the hospital only a stone's throw away. You can stack several loops for really fun riding in this area. There is some good signage on the trails, with wicked artwork for the trail name signs. There is no signage at the trailhead though. Simply ride up the road from the parking and you can access the trails off of that road...  
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