This high mountain trail takes a while to melt off, but when it finally does it reveals a nice side hill route above the chasm of Norway Basin. It is a rather beautiful spot to enjoy and doesn't seem much use because of it's difficulty to get too. It starts at an old miners road that rarely sees a vehicle, since it is gated off at the bottom in Cornucopia. So, that means you have a lot of human-powered vertical gain before you even reach the trail. The trail itself has a pretty good shallow and steady angle to it. Upon reaching the saddle, the view is spectacular into the Eagle Cap...
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Elbow Creek Climb

Distance: 6.44 miles  ·  Gain: 2182.51 ft
About a mile up the South Fork Trail from Harris Park, you can ford the river and take this beautiful climb out of the canyon to pop out on Lincton Mountain Road near the Chalet. The climb is gated off from traffic but the road is in fine condition with a steady gradient. The bottom part is more of a thicket but it is cut through sees some occasional use. After following the creek for a ways, it switches back across the mountain and opens up dramatically with views of the canyon. While traveling up from Harris Park, you'll want to look for ...   Read full guide

Western Rim National Recreation Trail of Hells Canyon - Warnock Corral to Lord Flat

Distance: 16.22 miles  ·  Gain: 1341.99 ft  ·  Season: Late May - October
This route offers a grandiose view of the signature canyon of the region, both rugged and remote. On the road at Warnock Corral, there is a gate that is closed to motorized use during archery season but open for 4WD access the rest of the summer season. It is a relatively good quality dirt road that takes you along the scenic rim overlooking the deepest canyon in North America, Hells Canyon. This road goes all the way out to an active backcountry airstrip at Lord Flat where you hit the Wilderness line and motorized vehicles are no longer allowed to travel beyond that point. I'm featuring this...   Read full guide

Trail Creek Trail #1883 - Cornucopia, Oregon

Distance: 1.87 miles  ·  Gain: 755.61 ft
At one point this would have been a decently long singletrack dropping down from a panoramic saddle on Table Top, but unfortunately the majority of the singletrack has disappeared into oblivion along Trail Creek. I think it should be renamed "Trail Gone Creek." There is even a trail head sign on the Schneider meadow road and the FS maintains information about the trailhead on their website, but there is nothing worthwhile to be found at the old start of the Trail Creek Trail. What is left is a sketchy singletrack connector to Clear Creek Trail from a 4x4 road. It isn't too bad of an option...   Read full guide