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Angell Basin Backcountry Skiing

Distance: 1.64 miles  ·  Gain: 1 ft
Angell Basin and the surrounding slopes are popular for backcountry skiing and snowboarding in northeast Oregon. The peaks boasts easy access by car at a relatively high starting point at 7,000 feet. The basin is a short tour from the Anthony Lakes Ski Resort parking lot. Because of the winter recreation, the road is plowed regularly. The ski area is generally open Thursday-Sunday and holidays, but the backcountry is always open. The basin is somewhat sandwiched between the ski resort and the nordic ski area, so getting into and out of the basin i...   Read full guide

Wing Ridge Backcountry Skiing - Wallowa Mountains, Joseph Oregon

Distance: 2.25 miles  ·  Gain: 2 ft
If you enjoy wide open bowl skiing in the alpine, there are several nice options on the north side of Wing Ridge that you can access from Salt Creek Summit Snopark. This is one of the most popular backcountry ski destinations in the Wallowas because of the proximity to Joseph and a drive-able winter road up to one of the highest winter-maintained roads in the state, at 6,120' at the snopark. The immediate access to the ski terrain is a bonus too. And did I mentioned the terrain is awesome! You'll find big lines with awesome views over Hell's Canyon and the Seven Devils mountains of Idaho. ...   Read full guide

Boulevard Trail - Mountain Biking the La Grande Reservoir Watershed

Distance: 3.6 miles  ·  Gain: 304.8 ft
Boulevard has a sweet incline across morel country that eventually plunges quickly down to the reservoir. To make a loop you can climb this trail and then drop down Marion Jordan Trail. It isn't too bad of a climb once you get over the steep stretch just above the lake. Otherwise, if you can work it into a downhill, that is even sweeter (as always). The Rocky Point Trail is a side trail that can be taken up to Marion Point. The non-motorized mandate of the watershed is our calling card to mountain bike the area. There is more trail up there too but more mountain bikers need to take it upon ...   Read full guide