This is the skin route from Cornucopia up to Yurtstar Galactica, or you can snowmobile it too with some advanced riding skills. From there, you'll see huge terrain across the chasm that is the butt crack of the Wallowas (according to Hatchism). Getting to Cornucopia may require a snowmobile ride too for most of the winter. The Norway Hut is maintained for rental and guiding services by Wallowa Alpine Huts.

The route follows a steep road to the east of Cornucopia (past the lodge). Then there is a significant creek crossing before another steep pitch up Simmons Ridge... Read more

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Palmer Junction to Lookout Mountain Loop - Snowmobiling Elgin, Oregon

Palmer Junction provides a quick shot up into the heart of the Blue Mountain between the Lookingglass and Wenaha drainages. This loop takes you by the Lookout Mountain Lookout Tower for an expansive view on the clear day. The area is well forested but enough logging has happened over the years that there are many play areas and well-spaced trees for off-track fun. In other words, you're not just relegated to the roads along this loop. There is plenty of roadside challenges and boondocking options that make for a fun loop and deep snow. ...  
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Pete's Point

You and your friends, and many others, will definitely approve and condone your promotion of this area. Pete's Point is a magnificent climb of one of the high points of Oregon, which will surely give you a boost in self-edification. If you value the wildness, solitude, and lack of crowds, this is the the winter excursion for you. I am hell-bent on advertising this area with the double goal of spending my personal money to promote our beautiful mountains in my backyard. Attaining this summit will definitely massage your already large ego, so go for it if the conditions are right and please share your experience with the rest of us. It is sure to impress your Twitter followers and Facebook friends...  
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Snowmobiling from Catherine Summit Snopark, Oregon - Taylor Green, Flagstaff, Big Creek, and West Eagle

Snowstorms from the west slam into the Wallowas at this location and generate huge snowfall from the the orographic lift of the high peaks in this area. Within a matter of a few hundred feet between Taylor Green and Flagstaff Butte the snow totals can be double to triple what is showing on the snotel at Taylor Green. The ridges and valleys past the warming shelter are very conducive to frolicking on your snow machine. ...  
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