Brian Sather & Tesmond Hurd talk about topics including Baker saleswoman, Wizard of the Wallowas teaser, Mule Peak toilet, Bennet Peak, Burger ChiCap, and more. 

References to Go Home and Winter in the Land of Winding Waters trailer.

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Winter Recreation at Andies Prairie

Andies Prairie Snopark in Tollgate, Oregon provides a variety of opportunities for winter recreation at the top of the Blue Mountains. The sledding hill is a two-sided gravel pit that looks like a giant half-pipe and provided tons of fun and bruises all day. There is a designated winter overnight camping area if you want to test your skills at this, close enough you can still use the bathroom facilities in the parking area. Snowmobile trail access is at the south end of the parking area. The res...   Read full guide

Wing Ridge Backcountry Skiing - Wallowa Mountains, Joseph Oregon

If you enjoy wide open bowl skiing in the alpine, there are several nice options on the north side of Wing Ridge that you can access from Salt Creek Summit Snopark. This is one of the most popular backcountry ski destinations in the Wallowas because of the proximity to Joseph and a drive-able winter road up to one of the highest winter-maintained roads in the state, at 6,120' at the snopark. The immediate access to the ski terrain is a bonus too. And did I mentioned the terrain is awesome! You'l...   Read full guide

McCully Basin Backcountry Skiing

McCully is one of the classic ski basins in the region because of its proximity to Joseph and Ski Fergi and relatively safe approach. However, it is a long moderate slog into the basin so it is a bit of a reach for a one day tour. Thanks to the Wallowa Alpine Huts, there is a yurt for a comfortable multi-day stay. This will give you time to fully enjoy the nice mix of big terrain and small-but-fun undulations. The...   Read full guide