Brian Sather and Tesmond Hurd on topics such as Hat Point, Hell, man buns, Richland, #inthebutt, Fox Hill nostrava, and south wizard.

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  • Little Eagle Gravel Bike Traverse

    Trail Guide
    1 day 11 hours ago

    Start in New Bridge and begin a beautiful climb along Eagle Creek and then Little Eagle Creek. After long and steady climbing you break out in the open for great views after McBride Campground. It...

  • Zig Zag Trail at MERA

    Trail Guide
    1 week 1 day ago

    This is a new trail in 2014 that was a complete redo of the age-old Cougar Trail, a fast and straight down no-nonsense trail that cut from the road down to Bowman Trail (now known as Upper Hot...

  • Depends Trail of MERA

    Trail Guide
    1 week 1 day ago

    Late in 2015 this trail was finished as an uphill and downhill trail that splits off of Doing Time and rejoins...

New Bridge, Sparta Gravel Bike Ride

Distance: 17.3 miles  ·  Gain: 2308.45 ft
The climb up out of New Bridge is visually stunning and serpentine with a great surface. Then you enjoy climbing toward the old mining community of Sparta before a rapid descent down to the paved highway...   Read full guide

Eagle Valley Gravel Bike Loop - Richland, Oregon

Distance: 12.07 miles  ·  Gain: 1039.09 ft
Circumnavigate Richland with this visually compelling loop around the valley that includes a trip through New Bridge. The roads are smooth dirt that roll along the edge of the valley and Brownlee Reservoir. You'll cross Eagle Creek twice, which brings icy water from the very center of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. The best route is probably counter-clockwise. The loop shown here starts and finishes at the Hewitt/Holcomb Park area, which is a popular fishing spot with bathrooms and other facilities. There is a fee in the parks. You could find a spot almost anywhere along the loop to park and rid...   Read full guide

Long Hollow Mountain Bike Ride - Hell's Canyon, Oregon

Distance: 7.25 miles  ·  Gain: 1085.3 ft
This old 4WD jeep road is an public BLM access road that sticks to the top of the rim for a fjord-like ridge ride with phenomenal views of the Snake River at Brownlee. Originally I rode this as a climb with my cross bike and was going to feature it that way until I concluded it is too rough and steep and will be most enjoyable on a mountain bike as a descent. It is rarely used and appears to be more of an ATV road that is primitive enough you can think of it like two singletrack trails. There is a lot of sharp rock and the road is paved with goatheads, which is the common problem in Hells Cany...   Read full guide