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WAC Blog Entry Posted: September News
2 days 20 hours ago
@domlycurgus and I have been spending some time amongst the dead walkers at #lgres recently. He saw one yesterday that I couldn't see. #mtb
3 days 7 hours ago
Hoodoo #mtb trail now clear except 2 big trees on the money corner.
4 days 11 hours ago
"@AGWmagazine: Our #Interbike gallery is up now on Facebook. Please tag your friends"" @SpencerPerry1
6 days 1 hour ago
Just posted: Hit the Flo Podcast 9-13-2014
6 days 7 hours ago

Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather from the La Grande Ride Headquarters in La Grande, Oregon, USA. Topics include new trails, bar plug safety, new road artwork popping up, and more.


New MERA Trails Introduced


This summer new non-motorized trail is rapidly forming at Mt. Emily Recreation Area (MERA). La Grande Ride has tracked the trails as they are opening, with The MERA Map now reflecting new trail that is rough but rideable. New trails include: Read more

^ The Caffeine Trail puts you up there with a view of La Grande
^ The culprit.
^ The trail is rough, as would be expected for starters.

Burger Downhill MTB - Trails 1944 and 1951

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Buck Creek Trailhead is a less-used access point to the Eagle Cap Wilderness. However, there is some rideable trail outside the wilderness. The trail and roads around the campground are more beginner friendly for family and friends that want to just go a short ways, but if you want some more serious action, follow this route for a fun descent. You'll take the trail out toward Burger Butte and climb part of it until you reach the wilderness sign (or turnaround earlier if you want).

Herron Ridge - Trail 1859

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This trail is featured for posterity or maybe in hopes that someday it can be rejuvenated and something can come of it. For now, it isn't really worth riding but might be a marginally interesting short hike if you happen to be at Indian Rock and want to do something active.

La Grande Weather Service Merges with La Grande Ride, Inc.

LA GRANDE, OR—Local business La Grande Weather Service, Inc. (LGDWS) has made the official move to merge with La Grande Ride, Inc. located on 1501 Madison Avenue in La Grande. Since 2009, the weather service has been providing reliable and accurate forecasting for Northeastern Oregon, becoming a corporation in Oregon in 2012. Both businesses have provided complimentary services during recent years which spawned merger talks that became more serious in recent months in an effort to become more efficient. Read more

MERA: Another Indian Rock, Caffeine, Super D, Cougar Trail Loop

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Here is an example of how to integrate some of the new trails at MERA into a bigger ride. None of the trails here are in that great of shape yet, but it shows the potential for a good fitness loop, with some tech skills.

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