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@LaGrandeRide lto get coffee and podcast in for the day.
2 hours 56 min ago
Very happy that we bought our car at Goss, great service. A local dealer is good to have. Next vehicle will be from there too.
3 hours 31 min ago
Many cost effective performance bikes available right now, especially if you are tall. Contact us. #mtb
21 hours 17 min ago

The Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA) map is available online at

La Grande Ride presents this project as the most accurate and feature-rich map of MERA. The map includes both motorized and non-motorized trails. The map is updated often to insure accuracy and currency. The first mountain bike map of the area was presented in 2006 in the guidebook Mountain Biking La Grande, Oregon (Sather & Larson). Since then, the area has become a public recreation site known as MERA and undergone several changes. Over the years, La Grande Ride has collected and maintained the most accurate trail database of MERA and the entire region. Now that the logging has stopped in MERA and the trails are returning to a state of permanence, this new iteration of the map will...


Cobbleseal Podcast 4-15-14

Communication Technician I Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather from La Grande Ride HQ. Topics include: New Trails at MERA, Tesmond's new job, Go Home, and Tour of Walla Walla,

Roundabout Spout XC Mountain Bike Race

Saturday, JULY 12, 2014 at 11:00 am

Spout Springs Ski Area, Tollgate, Oregon

"Ride the Unknown!"

See more information and register for the race. Read more

Go Home (Director's Cut)

Go Home: Backcountry Skiing in NE Oregon, a short film produced by La Grande Weather Service, Inc. and La Grande Ride, Inc. This video provides safety and planning concepts practiced for backcountry skiing in Eastern Oregon. See also the cut presented to the Know the Snow contest.

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