Putting our snomo skills to the test, we went after Bennet Peak today and made a successful run up to Two Color Lake. Special thanks to the crazy advanced sledders that laid out a track for us and did some extensive testing of snow stability with high marking under cornices and rockbands in the high alpine. It was nice to visit this area that burned last summer. It torched really hot around the Two Color Lake area and created some nice matchsticks to cruise through, providing some awesome eerie echoes.

Visibility held fairly well and we got a good look at many slopes in the Eagle...

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  • Anthony Outback

    3 days 6 hours ago

    Today's tour took us on a 3000 vertical foot fitness loop over the tracked out cat skiing area behind Anthony Lakes Ski Area. It was a good place to visit on a bright day with no wind and a nice...

  • Tracking Up Tollgate

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    5 days 5 hours ago

    We had a morning family tow and ski session near Andies Prairie and found some soft snow from the recent storms. It was fairly consolidated though, and wasn't he lightest powder but people were...

  • Burger Douschblock

    4 days 16 hours ago

    The snow was awesome in the Burger Chicap Complex, deep and cronk. A significant amount of new snow had fallen on Burger in the last day or so, but we weren't finding any signs of instability....

Andies Prairie Backcountry Ski

Not that we need to be adding any more winter recreation options for Andies Prairie, but there is some good beginner backcountry skiing not too far from the snopark. From the parking, you beeline past the sledding hill and across the prairie until you meet the groomed snowmobile trail and follow that up to the ridge and both sides can be skied. It takes about 25-30 minutes of skinning to get to the top. Some slopes are low angle enough that I was snowmobile towing the family for some laps. The s...   Read full guide

Mt. Fanny Skiing

Mt. Fanny is one of the three uninspiring mountain tops surrounding the Grande Ronde Valley. Looking at the mountain most of the winter, you'd wonder where the snow is because it is mostly bare on the flanks; however, it generates loads of snow up top where the mountain benches out. Most of it is flatter with thick young forests but there are some skiable glades that are accessible by snowmobile if you want to do it sled-lift style. The roads switch back so much that running a sled around and pi...   Read full guide

Winter Recreation at Andies Prairie

Andies Prairie Snopark in Tollgate, Oregon provides a variety of opportunities for winter recreation at the top of the Blue Mountains. The sledding hill is a two-sided gravel pit that looks like a giant half-pipe and provided tons of fun and bruises all day. There is a designated winter overnight camping area if you want to test your skills at this, close enough you can still use the bathroom facilities in the parking area. Snowmobile trail access is at the south end of the parking area. The res...   Read full guide