The Dutch Flat Trial is a little known trail that offers stellar mountain biking near Anthony Lakes. Taken as a downhill, it is phenominal. The problem is that if you want to DH only, you'll have to helicopter you bike in and drop it at the very top of the trail because it starts right at the wilderness boundary, at an intersection with the Elkhorn Crest Trail and Crawfish Basin Trail. The other approach is to ride it as an out and back. Even though the climb is strenuous, it offers several mellow sections and limited steep rocky areas that require walking. As you climb, your giddiness...


Redmont Trail MTB

Season: June-October

The Redmont Trail is two singletrack trail sections on either side of Redmont Creek, which have been added to with non-motorized roads to make a continuous route connecting Salt Creek Summit SnoPark to Papoose Lake near Ferguson Ridge Ski Area. The road sections are mostly rocky roads, but the singletrack is very good and well-maintained. There are several dips swooping corners and the scenery is fantastic throughout the ride. It maintains a fairly consistent elevation along the ridge.

Road 3920 is the main gravel road that parallels the Redmont Trail. Anytime you come to a spur roa...
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Super D Downhill Trail

Season: May - October

The Super D (or whatever name) Trail was constructed in 2011 and 2012 with sections falling into disrepair soon after due to notorious "cultural-study" snares. Repairs came in late 2014 and now it is open and rideable. See how it fits into the mix on our industry-leading MERA Map. Expect several dirt mounds and downhill challenges with a new access point at the top of the Caffeine (or whatever name) Trail which serves as a good climb to make a loop of it. Finish off the descent with the Cougar (or whatever) Trail then Hotshot (or whatever)....
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Nez Perce (Nee-Me-Poo) Trail

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