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RT @BrianSather: Nice new singletrack find to add to the Breshears awesomeness @domlycurgus #mtb
14 hours 45 min ago
Breshears riding fantastic today. Pic at the start of the meadow on Indian Creek Trail #mtb
15 hours 43 min ago
Nice new singletrack find to add to the Breshears awesomeness @domlycurgus #mtb
15 hours 45 min ago
@domlycurgus @SpencerPerry1 Yes, pick me up on my #mtb on the way up Mt. Harris if I don't beat you there.
1 day 18 hours ago

Why would you want to ride this trail?

  1. You want to do some trailwork and then ride downhill
  2. You're at Boundary Campground and want a quicker way to get up to Bearwallow for a big loop.
  3. ...


La Grande Weather Service Merges with La Grande Ride, Inc.

LA GRANDE, OR—Local business La Grande Weather Service, Inc. (LGDWS) has made the official move to merge with La Grande Ride, Inc. located on 1501 Madison Avenue in La Grande. Since 2009, the weather service has been providing reliable and accurate forecasting for Northeastern Oregon, becoming a corporation in Oregon in 2012. Both businesses have provided complimentary services during recent years which spawned merger talks that became more serious in recent months in an effort to become more efficient. Read more

La Grande Reservoir

The funny thing about La Grande Reservoir is that no one in La Grande knows where it is. Perhaps that is because it is also known as Beaver Creek Reservoir. Probably not. Perhaps because you can't drive to it or take an ATV to it. Or, perhaps because it is nowhere near La Grande. Well it's actually not that far from La Grande but driving to the trailhead is a long way around. Read more

^ La Grande Reservoir
^ A resident caretaker used to live at the lake in this dwelling.
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