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XTERRA La Grande Offroad Triathlon 2013

Saturday, JULY 20, 2013 at 9:00 am

Morgan Lake, La Grande, Oregon

"Same great course (with a bit more singletrack),
same great weather (almost guaranteed)."

This offroad triathlon boasts a rugged mountain bike course and scenic run in the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon, as part of the XTERRA Points Series. It remains one of the few sanctioned and long-standing race events featuring the terrain of Northeast Oregon.

La Grande is an inexpensive destination: the camping is free and the hotels are affordable...and there is much more recreation opportunity if you can make a long weekend of it.

Course Description

  • Swim 1k in the mountain water of Morgan Lake, just above the city of La Grande and the Oregon Trail.
  • Bike 25k through the ponderosa and tamarak pines of the Blue Mountains, up a long climb on Glass Hill Road, and then through some crazy descents including the infamous Suicide Hill.
  • Run 10k on a challenging mix of terrain on dirt roads and trails.

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Youth Duathlon 2013 - XTERRA La Grande

Hardest Course (The Long Course)
Spencer Gerst
Brody Kincaid
Luke Sather
James Burnell
Ahnica Shoemaker

Harder Course
Tavi Jacobson
Chloe Nixon
Olivia Akers
Kaelyn Shoemaker
Amelia Hadley
Kelton Shoemaker
Dania Sather
Payson Shaw

Hard Course
Sawyer Shoemaker
Razi Jacobson
Madman McCoskey Read more

Rock Garden Photos - XTERRA La Grande 2013

Photos by Kelly Rice Read more

Shaw Rocks the Run at XTERRA La Grande

The grueling run segment proved to be the deciding factor in the 2013 XTERRA La Grande Offroad Triathlon. Daniel Shaw (Vertical Earth) powered through the steep and rocky 10 kilometer segment to overtake two competitors during some exciting racing around Morgan Lake. Shaw exited the second transition 3:28 down to Mathieu Signoretty (VO2 Multisport) and 2:30 to Dominic Clay (Oregon Trail Racing) but he flipped it to a 3:30 adva Read more

Podium Pictures XTERRA La Grande 2013

XTERRA La Grande 2013 Photo Album

Pictures by Shakira Bandolin Read more

Transition Area Photos XTERRA La Grande 2013

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Start List for XTERRA La Grande 2013

XTERRA Weather Forecast

Issued: 10:35 AM PDT Fri Jul 19 2013

XTERRA La Grande 2013 is closing in with less than 24 hours to go! The latest 12z NAM models show nothing but promising weather for the race. Now that is is less than 24 hours away, we have a more accurate, specific number to put on the forecast.

Below is the forecast for the race throughout the day!

8am: 71.3 F
9am: 73.3 F
10am: 75.2 F
11am: 77.2 F
12pm: 78.9 F
1pm:Read more

Transition Diagram for XTERRA La Grande