Red's Horse Ranch Trail & Minam Lodge - Trail #1908

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7.5 miles (12.07 km)

Total Elev. Gain:
633 ft. (193 m)
Total Elev. Loss:
-2,877 ft. (-877 m)

Max Altitude:
5,840 ft. (1780 m)
Min Altitude:
3,599 ft. (1097 m)
by Brian Sather — Updated 6 months 3 weeks ago · Posted Sat, Sep 3, 2011
The Minam Lodge is a private holding within the Eagle Cap Wilderness that has recently been renovated under new ownership. Red's Horse Ranch is a Forest Service owned ranch nearby, also outside of wilderness restrictions. The area is secluded with no roads leading to it. Both have an airstrip in front of them. The trail featured here is the quickest and most direct way to get there without a plane. It is a mostly downhill hike from Moss Springs Campground and trailhead. It gets frequent horsemen use so the trail is blown out and dusty at times.

 Moss Springs — 45.274766, -117.677822
 Bridge Across Minam at Red's Horse Rance — 45.347070, -117.625280
 Red's Horse Ranch — 45.346620, -117.626110
 Minam Lodge — 45.352000, -117.634610

Red's Horse Ranch house on the river.
Minam Lodge seen from the other side of the Minam River.
The trail when it gets to the top of Backbone Ridge before dropping down to the ranch.

Arriving at the valley, a trail intersection with Minam' Lodge to the left and Red's Horse straight.

Entrance to Red's
The airfield at Red's
Red's Horse Ranch
The bridge across the Minam near Red's, seen from the east side.
Bridge from the west
The airfield at Reds Horse Ranch during December
Reds Horse Ranch in December