Lookingglass Creek Trail

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2.15 miles (3.46 km)

Total Elev. Gain:
44 ft. (13 m)
Total Elev. Loss:
-1,165 ft. (-355 m)

Max Altitude:
5,023 ft. (1531 m)
Min Altitude:
3,886 ft. (1184 m)
by Brian Sather — Updated 1 year 10 months ago · Posted Thu, Sep 12, 2013
This is a cool trail that you have never been on...and never heard of. It side-hills through some dense forest and makes its way down to Lookingglass Creek where it terminates. The Lookingglass plays host to salmon that run up all the way to the start of the creek at Langdon Lake where, if they make it that far, they encounter a cage preventing them from entering the lake. Right now it is only good for hiking, because you'll have to crawl over several downed trees. It needs some serious chainsaw work in the first quarter mile, and then there are some other downed trees periodically the rest of the way down. Several are big enough that getting horses around would be very difficult. The trail is on some maps but used to have no discernible starting point from the closed road it takes off from. It took me a while traipsing through the woods with GPS in hand before I finally found a spot where I was standing on a trail. Once found, it was easy to follow because the trail surface is in fairly good shape for not getting any use. It is used by numerous elk and bear, so at least it is getting some action. The trail itself is 1.5 miles and has a pretty consistent decline to it that will make it good for the whole family. The route here shows it as a hike from the Spout Springs Ski Area Parking because the real trail start is on a closed dirt road so you'll have to hike down about a half mile to the trail or ride a bike there. Now there is a small cairn marking the entrance. Make it bigger when you visit this trail so I'll know you were there. Also bring a chainsaw to really show me you were there. Trial Notes
  • 0.0 mi. Park at the north end of the parking area for Spout Springs Ski Area and start walking a few feet down the highway to find the closed road immediately on the right.
  • 0.2 as you are heading downhill, the road splits. Stay right.
  • 0.7 Look for the cairn on the right of the road for the trail start. It is just before the road levels out a bit.
  • 0.9 Perennial creek crossing

Lookingglass Creek
There is a small creek crossing shortly into the trail.

A little camp spot by the creek.