Little Minam Trail #1901

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6.53 miles (10.51 km)

Total Elev. Gain:
1,504 ft. (458 m)
Total Elev. Loss:
-593 ft. (-181 m)

Max Altitude:
4,321 ft. (1317 m)
Min Altitude:
3,388 ft. (1033 m)
by Brian Sather — Posted Sat, Jun 17, 2017
Great footbridge in the middle of a poorly maintained and rarely traveled trail. The bridge looks brand new and very time-intensive to build and much needed in the early summer, but too bad a fraction of the cost couldn't have been put into trail maintenance. It is a weird bridge in that if you need this bridge, you also need a bridge across the Minam, of which there is none. There are two ford options but these will only be doable in the late summer. Otherwise, you have to come down the trail from above, either from Moss Springs, Red's Horse Ranch, or Rock Springs Trail. The lower end of the trail starts near where the Little Minam comes into the big. It is a nice flat meadow where some old cabins exist, that have fallen into disrepair. A little ways past the cabins the Rock Springs Trail comes into this trail. A little farther up is the bridge, which I very much appreciate being there. Let's build around that, because the trail is a nice meander along the river climbing up to the Backbone Ridge where it connects with the Red's Horse Ranch Trail.

 Cabins at Little Minam — 45.398810, -117.675480
 Minam ford — 45.407410, -117.676360
 Alternate Minam ford — 45.398900, -117.671410
 Footbridge across Little Minam — 45.393540, -117.675970

One of the cabins near the confluence of the Little Minam and Minam
More cabins
Trail sign on the Minam Trail, marking where the ford happens.
The Minam in late June. Good luck getting across.
A nice meadow below the cabins, where you can cross the Little Minam for an alternate river ford.
Little Minam in late June.
Where Rock Springs Trail comes into Little Minam Trail
The footbridge!
Little Minam Trail

The trail on the Backbone Ridge needs some repair.

Connecting with the Red's Horse Ranch Trail at the top of the Backbone Ridge.