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Goat Creek Trail #1665 - Eagle Cap Wilderness, Wallowa, Oregon

"GOAT" could stand for Greatest of All Trails, but in this case it does not. It will go down as one of he most horrendous trails I have ever traveled. It really has nothing going for it, except that it is a trail surface that you can follow for the most part, which is more than I can say about some other trails I've tried to find. So I guess you would call this the worst discernible trail I have walked. I actually came down it from the Huckleberry Mountain Trail but I'm featuring it here from the bottom because this is your best bet to get any semblance of enjoyment out of it. The biggest problem right now is the trees across the trail. At one point I was getting in only a couple footsteps between each tree and as far as I could see there were trees crossing the trail...  
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Storm Lake Trail #1689 - Wallowa, Oregon

A very pleasant ridge route is what the Storm Lake Trail offers as it takes you along panoramic views over the Lostine, Goat Creek, and McCubbin Basin. Then the trail drops over the east side of the ridge and gets nasty as it heads for Little Storm Lake. One really steep, poorly developed section will be difficult to negotiate especially on horse or mule. The lush hillsides support bighorn sheep and mountain goats, and of course many elk. The lake is a nice high alpine lake of fairly decent size that sees few visitors. I'm not sure where Big Storm Lake is or Storm Lake (after which the trail is named), but the lake you'll find on this trail is "Little Storm Lake." Maybe it is named after a little storm that happened there. Judging by the snow in July, I'd say it gets some big storms...  
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Little Bear Creek Trail - Wallowa Mountains, Wallowa, Oregon

This well-used trail does not exist on maps, getting action mainly from hunters and packing outfitters in the fall to access Storm Lake and Goat Mountain area where trophy game abounds. I remember accidentally taking the start of it a few years ago when trying to go up Huckleberry Mt. so that shows it is a little more of a beaten path compared to the official trail. It is direct and less steep route to get to get farther down Huckleberry Mountain Ridge. It is one of the root-iest trails I've been on in the Wallowas, but more maintained than most. On the way up, you stay tucked in the trees and have a few crossings of the creek. You're never far from it either so it provides better water along the trail then the Huckleberry Mountain route. Higher up it gets steeper...  
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