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Murphy Creek Trail #1672 - Wallowa Mountains, Minam, Oregon

Murph takes you on a bumble-some journey from the Minam River up to Mahogany Ridge and then Big Sheep Ridge. It follows Murphy Creek trying to stay to the left of it but fails a few times and you have to squander through the water and try finding the trail further up. At one point, it arrives in a small meadow that appeared to have had something going on in the past with a shelter or structure and I had a hard time finding the trail, which is back on the left again up the bank. It never strays too far from the creek until it decides to take Dunning Creek (or Patrick Creek?) more abruptly up Mahogany Ridge. At one point there is a trail split but I found an old sign that says Standley to keep you going left up the ridge. Right looked like it maybe went to a camping spot or something...  
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