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Tombstone Lake Trail #1943 - Eagle Cap Wilderness, Union, Oregon

The trail climbs wickedly right away on both ends of it, after you have already traveled several miles on other trails just to get on it, so by the time you get to Tombstone Lake you'll be digging your own grave. Once you set up camp though, you'll be over it. The lake is actually a series of lakes with interesting peninsulas and rock formations. It is a very nice alpine lake well worth the trip. Tombstone is definitely the prize, as the trail ignores Diamond Lake and completely disses Olive Lake. There some awesome waterfalls at the end of the trail though, more on that later. The trail starts off 7.5 miles into the Elk Creek Trail #1944, just after crossing Elk Creek after you've dropped down from Burger Pass...  
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Elk Creek Trail #1944 - Wallowa Mountains, Union, Oregon

This is a long up and over of Burger Pass that gives you a fill of the basics that the Eagle Cap Wilderness offers. At the pass you are greeted with a breathtaking view of the entire range. Then you descend past some lush meadows, Burger Meadow being the first. When the trail starts zig zagging down the flank of China Cap you actually hike over small waterfalls on the trail and then meet up with Elk Creek for a few crossings and then follow it straight down through the thicker woods to the Minam River. There you will find a sturdy bridge crossing the pristine Minam River and meet up with the upper Minam River Trail on the other side...  
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