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Granite Trail #1676 - Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon

This route is in the business of serious climbing from the Minam River to plug you up into the heart of the Eagle Cap with a view of all of the high peaks. It really is a beautiful experience going from the pristine waters of the Minam and switchback-ing up through an old growth forest that has beautiful big ponderosa pines and douglas fir. After the nasty switchback section, there is a very long and mostly level traverse over to the edge of Granite Gulch. Once you wrap around into it, the scenery instantly changes to sub-alpine and then alpine as you beeline toward the saddle. About a mile from the top, there are a couple small lakes to the west that can be accessed by a side trail. You end up at a trail junction with the Copper Creek Trail as it tops out with a view into Swamp Lake...  
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