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Fake Creek Trail #1914 - Wallowa Mountains

Fake Creek Trail is mostly fake. While it exists on a map, in reality it is a concoction of bad practice in trail making. For starters, there is fake footbridge. Then there are many sections of fake trail and real trail which are difficult to discern. Presumably there existed and old moderate incline trail with switchbacks and then people came along and decided to go steeply up the mountain to avoid all the tree fall down across the trail. This brings up the topic of fake maintenance; there are many trees across the trail and in some places trees were cut out but not on the trail. This is really confusing because usually when I lose a trail the first thing I look for are cut logs to guide me back onto an old trail bed...  
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Tombstone Lake Trail #1943 - Eagle Cap Wilderness, Union, Oregon

The trail climbs wickedly right away on both ends of it, after you have already traveled several miles on other trails just to get on it, so by the time you get to Tombstone Lake you'll be digging your own grave. Once you set up camp though, you'll be over it. The lake is actually a series of lakes with interesting peninsulas and rock formations. It is a very nice alpine lake well worth the trip. Tombstone is definitely the prize, as the trail ignores Diamond Lake and completely disses Olive Lake. There some awesome waterfalls at the end of the trail though, more on that later. The trail starts off 7.5 miles into the Elk Creek Trail #1944, just after crossing Elk Creek after you've dropped down from Burger Pass...  
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West Eagle Trail #1934 - Echo Lake & Traverse Lake, Wallowa Mountains

You get a double dose of high lakes on this trail with a wicked switchy trip over Wonker Pass and down the Trail Creek basin to an intersection where you can go left to the Minam or right to Eagle Creek. The first lake is Echo Lake which is a bit bigger than the next lake, Traverse Lake. They are 1.5 miles apart on the trail, but rather close as the creek flows. You get a good view of a water fall heading up the after about 2.5 miles and then after you cross over the pass and down the other side, you can see some beautiful cascades of Trail Creek when the snow is still running off. There are a lot of mountain goats and elk around this trail. The trail is well constructed and in good shape. I really like the design of this trail and it offers some great visuals along the way...  
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Hoe Down at Indian Creek

by Brian Sather — Posted Sun, Jul 23, 2017

To my surprise, I found two trails in really good shape in recent days. One was the handiwork of Bill and myself though when we cut through the Indian Creek Trail near Mt. Fanny. That is one fun downhill on a mountain bike and now will even more funtastic since we cut out the 30+ down trees and several scrub trees along the trail. I even had a hoe with me did some actual ground work in a few spots, something unheard of in trail maintenance nowadays. We kicked a bunch of sticks off too so it is probably in the best shape in several years and only seen one bike track so far this year so get...
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Snowmobiling from Catherine Summit Snopark, Oregon - Taylor Green, Flagstaff, Big Creek, and West Eagle

Snowstorms from the west slam into the Wallowas at this location and generate huge snowfall from the the orographic lift of the high peaks in this area. Within a matter of a few hundred feet between Taylor Green and Flagstaff Butte the snow totals can be double to triple what is showing on the snotel at Taylor Green. The ridges and valleys past the warming shelter are very conducive to frolicking on your snow machine. ...  
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Jim Dandy Day

We rode past Taylor Green and checked out what the Western Wallowas were doing around West Eagle Meadows. It was an awesome spring snowmobiling day with no wind, no clouds, and no new snow. The riding was nice and comfortable and as the snow warmed it was soft and made for some good hill climbs and boondocking.

Access is getting more difficult, as expected. We had to drive a couple miles down the 77 road from Catherine Snopark before we could get to the snow. From there, the snowpack on the road is good, but a sled deck is needed to really get in there and turn around.  Read more

The West Eagle Has Landed

Despite a warmish day, the snowmobiling was good and we found a decent snowpack in West Eagle and Main Eagle. There was new snow on the ground, but it was not light and fluffy and the base was firm, but overall not a bad day to be out. We had our doubts at the start with driving rain all the way through Union and up the canyon. On the final climb up to the Catherine Snopark it finally turned to snow. However, this let up mid morning and visibility was good the rest of the day except for when we got up above 6,500 we were finding some whiteout fog.

The real surprise was the heavy loadin Read more