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Flagstaff Trail - Wallowa Mountains

This is an unofficial trail that connects Flagstaff Butte ridge with Mule Peak ridge. It can serve as a bonus connector trail if one wants to do a loop of Sand Pass, Tombstone Lake, and West Eagle trails. Otherwise, it mainly serves as a hunters' trail or alternate access Mule Peak. It is a bit shorter and gains you some elevation over starting at Pole Creek Trailhead. The more recent heavier use of this trail was for fire crews to hike into the fire line for the Mule Peak Fire of 2005. That was probably the last time it was thoroughly cut out. The trail appears to be an old trail that was well established at one time, perhaps for access from an old lookout at Flagstaff Butte or connecting communication lines and transportation to Mule Peak Lookout...  
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Sans Pass

by Brian Sather — Posted Sat, Aug 26, 2017

The smoke is back invading our air again. Thankfully, we had the perfect window of clear skies on eclipse day. That was awesome--totality was one of the greatest things I have seen in my life. The Fire, Weather, & Avalanche Center eclipse forecast was right on with 0% chance of cloud cover, which I was beginning to doubt with all the smoke and clouds the days leading up to it and then it all cleared up magically for us. The Forest Service and other entities did a great job putting all the fires out and keeping others from starting fires leading up to the eclipse. There were a lot of starts...
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Burger Bath Update from Sand Pass 8-13-2017

by Tesmond Hurd — Tue, Aug 15, 2017

Mule Peak Trail #1924 - Wallowa Mountains, Union, Oregon

The reward for this hike is one of the top five vistas in the Wallowas. The highest point of the trail is only a short hike from the summit of Granite Butte, which has a flat grassy top above cliffs that yield a killer panorama. You not only see the expanse of the entire Eagle Cap but you can turn the other direction to see the Elkhorns and Blue Mountains and all of the valleys to the west of the Wallowas. Mule Peak Lookout is perched on a high point of a sub-ridge off Granite Butte and this trail goes right beside it. The lookout is an active fire service structure that is manned during certain times of the late summer...  
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Backcountry Update 8-10-2017

Backcountry Update 8-10-2017
by Tesmond Hurd — Wed, Aug 9, 2017

Fire near Anthony Lakes & Mt. Emily Huckleberry Picking

by Tesmond Hurd — Posted Mon, Aug 7, 2017

Recreation wise, there's not too much going on in the world. The Ultra Mega Mountain Bike series by Scott's Cycle and Sports did begin yesterday though. Haze and smoke in the skies are hampering some from getting out and about. I will, however, say that the huckleberry picking season is well under way. There's been several reports of huckleberry picking around Union County, but the prime picking is definitely on Mt. Emily aka MERA. There are bushes aplenty and many bushes are loaded with the succulent fruit. Late last week, we were able to pick almost a gallon of berries in 3 hours. ...
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Spring Snowmobiling in the Wallowas 4-28-2017

by Tesmond Hurd — Sat, Apr 29, 2017

Some spring backcountry snowmobiling and snowbiking near Flagstaff in the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon.

China Ditch & South Fork Catherine Crossing - Snowbike

by Brian Sather — Sat, Apr 29, 2017

The China Ditch Conflict

We headed out for another ordinary end of April powder hunting day to the Flagstaff Butte area. Sather made a valiant attempt to get over to the glade on Mule Peak with a solo snowbike sortie but ended up falling just short of the objective. The snow was so deep and soft at the South Fork Catherine Creek he had a heckuva get-unstuck cluster trying to ride up over China Ditch but got'r done while Hurd jumped drifts to stay warm. Significant new snow had fallen on Taylor Green but it was not light and fluffy like Anthony the day before. It was fun and soft though, with a moist faceted base (like Read more

Mule Peak - Approach & Ski

by Brian Sather — Thu, Mar 2, 2017