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Snotoberfest at Moss Springs

I have been looking forward to being in the snow since my last snowmobile day at Anthony Lakes on May 15th. I did, however, see snow in July near Minam Lake on the Lostine River. Nevertheless, I went up to Mt. Fanny in the evening...or so I tried. The road is in good condition, but around 5400 ft. we started running into snow. I was excited to try my new pickup out in the snow on the sides of the gravel.< Read more

Cartwheel Ridge Trail #1907 - Wallowa Mountains, Cove, Oregon

Cartwheel Ridge is a meandering trail along a subtle ridge that follows an old road, hence probably the trail name. The double ruts are still visible for most of the trip. It is a nice route from Lodgepole Trail that takes you by two other trails before starting to open up with expansive views and plugging you deeper into the Minam area. Near the end you experience a twist in your wilderness experience when you come to a barbwire fence and gate. From there, the trail starts to sidehill and becomes a single track as it swaps from the south side of the ridge to the north side and plugs into a trail junction with Lakeys Hole and Jim White trails. The trail starts at a marked intersection on the Lodgepole Trail that clearly has the old road crossing the trail...  
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Crib Point Trail #1909 - Wallowa Mountains, Cove, Oregon

This hidden gem of a trail is sandwiched in the midst of a lot of trail options around the Little Minam River. You'll rise up to Crib Point and cover some distance quickly from there to Deadhorse Flat, but then you'll be the one crying if you drop off the other side to Catherine Meadow because that trail is in horrible shape and you'll enter a ravenous mosquito zone much of the summer. Instead of doing that, at Deadhorse Flat you can get on the Cartwheel Ridge Trail in either direction to make a loop of this trail. It is excellent for trail runners to use as a loop with a nice running surface if you loop this and Dobbin Creek or if you want more rugged running with better visuals go to the top of Cartwheel Ridge and come down one of the options from there...  
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Minam Rim Gravel Ride - Elgin & Cove, Oregon

A nice scenic and long trip that travels near the wilderness line for much of the way. Unfortunately, the road doesn't give you many views directly into the Minam, but all you have to do is get off your bike and walk up to the edge because you'll usually be close to the top of the ridge that overlooks the canyons of the Minam River drainage. The climb from the highway near Elgin is very gradual with a really good gravel surface. The route is pretty straightforward, as you stay on the main traveled road until one tricky junction just after Rock Springs where there is a left to go to Point Prominence and the signage hasn't always been good there...  
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Mud Spring Cut-off Trail (a.k.a. The Cat Track) - Wallowa Mountains, Cove, Oregon

Some geniuses way back in time (1930s?) decided to drive a bulldozer from Moss Springs up to Young Ridge to terrace the hill to undo what some previous geniuses did by taking big herds of sheep there to annually ravage the hillside. Despite these events being close to a century ago, the scars still exist and are used today by hikers and horseback riders to access Young Ridge. The Mud Springs Cut-off is where the cat operator decided to drive up the steep hill from the Little Minam. You will find this unofficial trail marked by an interesting wall cairn on the left of the trail 1.5 miles after you cross the Little Minam on the Lakey's Hole Trail. It is easy to miss so keep an eye out for the rock pile...  
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Salt Trail - Wallowa Mountains, Cove, Oregon

The Salt Trail is more of an assault trail on Young Ridge. It aggressively heads up the ridge to Ben Point from near Moss Springs. However, you won't find this on any maps since the Forest Service decided to erase evidence of this trail. It is a shame when trails are decommissioned. This one offers a direct and quick route up to the beautiful Young Ridge. Even though it is still recovering from over-grazing a century ago, it does capture your soul with a 360 degree view on a gentle sloping ramp. Young Ridge also serves as a visual snow gauge from the Grande Ronde Valley since it is visible into the late spring as a white ridge framed among green hillsides...  
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Rock Spring Trail #1928 - Eagle Cap Wilderness, Wallowa Mountains

A trail in surprisingly good shape that plunges down to the Little Minam where a few old cabins exist. You can access the Little Minam trail there or cross the river (in late summer) to get on the trial on the other side of the Minam or just use it as a nice camp spot along the Minam, as you likely will get it all to yourself. It is a nice location where the two rivers converge with a wide open flat area to enjoy some solitude in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. The trail dodges across the ravines on the way down, maintaining a fairly steady pitch. There aren't very many tight switchbacks, so it is well engineered to use the terrain features to get you up or down the hill. A few times it crosses some small streams. There is a good mix of open and treed aspects of the trail...  
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Mt. Fanny on Snowmobile

The snow gets really deep up on Mt. Fanny which is surprising when you look at how little snow there is usually on the slopes above Cove. The parking is a bit tricky but you can make a run up the road above Cove to Moss Springs and then some more climbing gets you to where the good snowpack is to boondock a little and cruise around to the towers. The highlights are a view into the Wallowas and nice views of the valley from the summit. If you a are a snowmobiler, one problem is that snowcats often go up to the television towers for maintenance, leaving track ruts. Also, it is a popular road for local wheelers to drive up as far as they can, which is usually quite high on the switchbacks. There are a few places to play, mainly in including some difficult hillclimbs above Moss Springs. ...  
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Mt. Fanny Skiing

Mt. Fanny is one of the three uninspiring mountain tops surrounding the Grande Ronde Valley. Looking at the mountain most of the winter, you'd wonder where the snow is because it is mostly bare on the flanks; however, it generates loads of snow up top where the mountain benches out. Most of it is flatter with thick young forests but there are some skiable glades that are accessible by snowmobile if you want to do it sled-lift style. The roads switch back so much that running a sled around and picking people up is convenient. The terrain is pretty mellow but offers some interesting ski shots after Moss Springs. These are snowmobiled at times and narrow so get there at the right time to get fresh tracks...  
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Point Prominence Climb

This is a long climb up to the Point Prominence Lookout Tower, an active lookout tower during fire season. You basically stay on the main road up the side of Mt. Harris (Forest Road 62) and continue on to about the wilderness boundary, where you take a right onto Rd 6220 (look for the sign for Point Prominence). The road gets rougher from there and then takes a left on an even rougher road up to the lookout...  
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