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Palmer Heaven

by Brian Sather — Posted Fri, Dec 1, 2017

I've been purposefully staying away from Palmer Junction ever since I saw that giant pile of gravel earlier this summer. I couldn't bear to see it destroyed. Then, I hit up Moore Hill with Sheeks a couple weeks ago but turned around. Later he told me how awesome the road was so today I had to investigate for myself so I rode out to Millionaire Hill with him. This has been always been the best road biking road around so I gave up hope that we were going to lose another road to the atrocious chunck-sealing virus plaguing the county. I was partially right, as the Middle Road/Palmer loop in the...
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Minam Rim Gravel Ride - Elgin & Cove, Oregon

A nice scenic and long trip that travels near the wilderness line for much of the way. Unfortunately, the road doesn't give you many views directly into the Minam, but all you have to do is get off your bike and walk up to the edge because you'll usually be close to the top of the ridge that overlooks the canyons of the Minam River drainage. The climb from the highway near Elgin is very gradual with a really good gravel surface. The route is pretty straightforward, as you stay on the main traveled road until one tricky junction just after Rock Springs where there is a left to go to Point Prominence and the signage hasn't always been good there...  
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Big Sheep Ridge Trail #1685 - Wallowa Mountains, Minam, Oregon

The best way to do this trail is to take an old pair of socks that you want to burn, go hike it and then enjoy a campfire because the Big Sheep Ridge Trail is loaded with invasive cheatgrass that fully embeds in anything it can. Due to limited to no use, the first several miles of this trail have the cheat growing right in the trail which is also helpful to follow the trail because the color is different. As you get higher up on the ridge it disappears though and you can enjoy some more genuine landscape. Aside from the limited use and invasive weeds it is a nice trail the follows the very top of the ridge the whole way, so you get a nice visual of the far north reaches of the Wallowa Mountains. The trail is very rough and rocky for the bottom half especially...  
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More Hill

by Brian Sather — Updated 7 months 1 day ago · Posted Sun, Jun 25, 2017

Palmer Junction has always been the best road ride in the area but the surface has been falling apart lately, until now. Moore Hill, the first climb out of Elgin, is called that because once you think you're done climbing there is Moore. Now it is the smoothest it will ever be with some new tarmac. At the bottom, a huge rock pile is waiting to ruin it though, so I'm sure that will happen soon. This is your chance to get out there and take out my strava while you still can. It should be easily doable because I know I've gone over a minute faster than that before and I've witnessed others go...
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Minam River Trail #1673 - Meads Flat to Red's Horse Ranch

A very long and scenic riverside trail along the Minam River. We don't have a lot of trails that follow a major river in this region, but this one hugs the river magnificently for many miles, all the way to the headwaters at Minam Lake (although here we are just featuring the trail to the footbridge at Red's Horse Ranch). The problem is that the trail isn't well maintained and it is a complete cluster to access. The trail surface is in great shape and the brush isn't too thick either, it is just the trees across the trail that hamper progress. As a hike it won't be too bad, except that it is very long and difficult to get to where the single trail starts at Meads Flat. So, I recommend using a bike to get to Meads Flat or maybe a little further and then go on on foot from there...  
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Rock Spring Trail #1928 - Eagle Cap Wilderness, Wallowa Mountains

A trail in surprisingly good shape that plunges down to the Little Minam where a few old cabins exist. You can access the Little Minam trail there or cross the river (in late summer) to get on the trial on the other side of the Minam or just use it as a nice camp spot along the Minam, as you likely will get it all to yourself. It is a nice location where the two rivers converge with a wide open flat area to enjoy some solitude in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. The trail dodges across the ravines on the way down, maintaining a fairly steady pitch. There aren't very many tight switchbacks, so it is well engineered to use the terrain features to get you up or down the hill. A few times it crosses some small streams. There is a good mix of open and treed aspects of the trail...  
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by Brian Sather — Updated 7 months 1 week ago · Posted Fri, Jun 16, 2017

The trails are making a turn for the better in some areas. A couple weeks ago I was helping the dirtbike riders (a.k.a. fellow motorheads) build new singletrack at MERA. This is a continuation of Dead Bull Trail which will likely become the Snag Trail after it crosses the road. I had a chance to ride it a couple days ago and it is a great finish to a great stretch of trail. The prototype rototiller was on it doing amazing work on the tough grass that makes trail building hard at MERA. The section is well designed and includes 2 new miles that need raking and some use to get it fully...
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Human Bean Coffin Podcast 5-25-2017

Human Bean Coffin Podcast 5-25-2017
by Brian Sather — Thu, May 25, 2017 (Updated 7 months 4 weeks ago)

Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather talk about murder tours, whistle-blowing, MERA rants, motorbikes, police protecting and serving gatorade, and more.

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Watch the wheelchair impostor.

Pumpkin Ridge, Rinehart Gravel Ride - Imbler & Elgin, Oregon

This loop provides a stunning visual of undulating terrain around the Grande Ronde River. Most of the roads have a great gravel surface except for a rocky descent down the northeast side of Pumpkin Ridge. This is a key stretch you won't want to miss though, because as you go over the top of Pumpkin Ridge you'll tour by the pond where a human hand was fished out that began an investigation into a triple homicide. Someday I'll feature a ride that visits the entire sequence of events, because that would be a good one too...  
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Jarboe & Lookout Mountain Snowmobile

by Brian Sather — Mon, Mar 6, 2017