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Burnt Acres Fatbike in December

by Brian Sather — Thu, Dec 14, 2017

Human Bean Coffin Podcast 5-25-2017

Human Bean Coffin Podcast 5-25-2017
by Brian Sather — Thu, May 25, 2017 (Updated 9 months 3 weeks ago)

Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather talk about murder tours, whistle-blowing, MERA rants, motorbikes, police protecting and serving gatorade, and more.

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Watch the wheelchair impostor.

Pumpkin Ridge, Rinehart Gravel Ride - Imbler & Elgin, Oregon

This loop provides a stunning visual of undulating terrain around the Grande Ronde River. Most of the roads have a great gravel surface except for a rocky descent down the northeast side of Pumpkin Ridge. This is a key stretch you won't want to miss though, because as you go over the top of Pumpkin Ridge you'll tour by the pond where a human hand was fished out that began an investigation into a triple homicide. Someday I'll feature a ride that visits the entire sequence of events, because that would be a good one too...  
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Imbler lakes tour

by Brian Sather — Posted Thu, Mar 23, 2017

Road conditions are superb for gravel riding right now. These roads are smoother than the chunk sealed "paved" roads in the county. Take the opportunity to view the many ponds and lakes in the Imbler Lake's Basin. The fields are nice and green. Perfect, except for a few of the roads that were being graded during the day which included Part of Imbler Road and End Road.
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Mt. Harris Summit on Snowmobile

Sometimes you can drive up to near the summit on snow, but on good snow years there is a fun run up to the summit to have a great view of the Grande Ronde Valley. The ride up Harris Grade Rd. alone is fun a scenic. It is hit-and-miss on this mountain for snowpack though. ...  
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Avalanche on Harris Grade Rd. 1-11-2017

by Brian Sather — Wed, Jan 11, 2017

Mt. Harris Climb Loop

A rather big loop that goes up Indian Creek on the north side of Mt. Harris, summits the mountain at the lookout and towers, and comes back down the south side on Mt. Harris Road to Grays Corner. Most of the road is good gravel, but it does get a bit rutted and rocky closer to the summit. ...  
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Pierce - Sandridge

Lots of flat drag strips in gravel. Pray for a south wind...  
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Valley Staircase

The name has nothing to do with elevation gain, but rather the constant direction changes as the road jogs through farm boundaries...  
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Hug Road Gravel Bike Loop - Imbler, Oregon

A nice little climb and decent makes a full loop from Summerville...  
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