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Backcountry Update 8-29-2017

Backcountry Update 8-29-2017
by Brian Sather — Tue, Aug 29, 2017

Salt Trail - Wallowa Mountains, Cove, Oregon

The Salt Trail is more of an assault trail on Young Ridge. It aggressively heads up the ridge to Ben Point from near Moss Springs. However, you won't find this on any maps since the Forest Service decided to erase evidence of this trail. It is a shame when trails are decommissioned. This one offers a direct and quick route up to the beautiful Young Ridge. Even though it is still recovering from over-grazing a century ago, it does capture your soul with a 360 degree view on a gentle sloping ramp. Young Ridge also serves as a visual snow gauge from the Grande Ronde Valley since it is visible into the late spring as a white ridge framed among green hillsides...  
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Rock Spring Trail #1928 - Eagle Cap Wilderness, Wallowa Mountains

A trail in surprisingly good shape that plunges down to the Little Minam where a few old cabins exist. You can access the Little Minam trail there or cross the river (in late summer) to get on the trial on the other side of the Minam or just use it as a nice camp spot along the Minam, as you likely will get it all to yourself. It is a nice location where the two rivers converge with a wide open flat area to enjoy some solitude in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. The trail dodges across the ravines on the way down, maintaining a fairly steady pitch. There aren't very many tight switchbacks, so it is well engineered to use the terrain features to get you up or down the hill. A few times it crosses some small streams. There is a good mix of open and treed aspects of the trail...  
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Starkey Ukiah Road Bike Century Loop

Not often can you ride a paved backcountry road with nearly no traffic that is almost spot-on a century distance. As a bonus, this hidden jewel of a loop is not far from La Grande but rarely done by anyone, on any vehicle. You will experience great views, challenging climbs, pristine meadows, streams, rivers, and older creepy men in mini-vans (these are basically scattered throughout the entire Elkhorn Mountains). The loop is best done clockwise. From Starkey you start a long gentle climb up the Grande Ronde River before the big climb of Chicken Hill hits. This goes up to near 6,000' and is the highest point of the loop, so you have the big one out of the way. Descend to the intersection and take a right...  
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by Brian Sather — Updated 7 months 1 week ago · Posted Fri, Jun 16, 2017

The trails are making a turn for the better in some areas. A couple weeks ago I was helping the dirtbike riders (a.k.a. fellow motorheads) build new singletrack at MERA. This is a continuation of Dead Bull Trail which will likely become the Snag Trail after it crosses the road. I had a chance to ride it a couple days ago and it is a great finish to a great stretch of trail. The prototype rototiller was on it doing amazing work on the tough grass that makes trail building hard at MERA. The section is well designed and includes 2 new miles that need raking and some use to get it fully...
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Umatilla Rim Snow Update

by Dominic Clay — Posted Mon, May 29, 2017

I drove up to check the conditions on the Umatilla Rim this morning. I had the dirt bike in the back of the truck, thinking it might be rideable, but this is what I found... (Pics attached). First pick is of Umatilla Rim Trail parking lot. 2-3 ft of snow still lying across the parking area, equal amounts or more remaining in the shade under the trees. Probably a few more weeks for that snow to melt completely. Second pick is of Summit Road just about 50 meters in from 204. There was a truck with an empty snowmobile trailer parked there too... ...
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Human Bean Coffin Podcast 5-25-2017

Human Bean Coffin Podcast 5-25-2017
by Brian Sather — Thu, May 25, 2017 (Updated 7 months 4 weeks ago)

Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather talk about murder tours, whistle-blowing, MERA rants, motorbikes, police protecting and serving gatorade, and more.

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Watch the wheelchair impostor.

Pumpkin Ridge, Rinehart Gravel Ride - Imbler & Elgin, Oregon

This loop provides a stunning visual of undulating terrain around the Grande Ronde River. Most of the roads have a great gravel surface except for a rocky descent down the northeast side of Pumpkin Ridge. This is a key stretch you won't want to miss though, because as you go over the top of Pumpkin Ridge you'll tour by the pond where a human hand was fished out that began an investigation into a triple homicide. Someday I'll feature a ride that visits the entire sequence of events, because that would be a good one too...  
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Spring Into Winter Podcast 5-4-2017

Spring Into Winter Podcast 5-4-2017
by Brian Sather — Thu, May 4, 2017 (Updated 8 months 2 weeks ago)

Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather podcasting from La Grande, OR on topics including Iraqi assault vehicles, May snowmobiling, redneck heaven, Scenic dead elk, and more.

Glimpses of dirt and dust

by Brian Sather — Posted Tue, Apr 4, 2017

The gravel roads are in great shape right now, even the ones that were graded. The recent rains and traffic helped smooth out some nice channels on the gravel roads around the valley. Cars are starting to create some dust though, but fortunately we don't have much traffic on these roads and they are smoother than the higher traffic paved roads. When I rode through MERA all the snow had disappeared from the Archery Rd and Igo Extension so things are looking good there.
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