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#15 Table Rock Trail & System - Boise, Idaho

Table Rock is the local, scenic mound of rock and cliffs that overlooks the Boise and the surrounding mountains. It can be accessed by a variety of trails, or the not-so-official ATV track on the northeast side. Atop the precipice, a 60-foot tall illuminated cross stands. It is the contention point between different groups fighting over control of the land (see more about it here). This is a popular spot for locals, so it is usually busy and heavy with foot traffic. What makes this trail popular is the closeness to downtown Boise. The #15 trail starts at the old Idaho State Penitentiary parking lot, and treks up the mountainside...  
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Rednecking in the First Snow (in Idaho)

In the holiday spirit of rednecking, I spent some time perusing the area near Craig Mountain, Idaho. I stumbled upon a recent snowfall from the previous night that was very light in nature. The pond was partially froze over. However, I still found some mud to drive my truck through. Upon arriving back in Eastern Oregon, I found snow on Mt. Emily and the Wallowas...winter is almost here; I know I'm ready to hit up snowmobiling at Taylor Green ASAP! Read more

Wilderness Ethic & The Mountain Bike Challenge - Presentation by Sather

Wilderness Ethic & The Mountain Bike Challenge - Presentation by Sather
by Brian Sather — Thu, Oct 20, 2016 (Updated 11 months 4 weeks ago)

Presentation by Brian Sather, PhD, at the Dr. Bob Frederick Sport Leadership Lecture Series at Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, Idaho on October 17, 2016.

Do mountain bikes violate the wilderness ideal? Controversial Senate Bill 3205 of 2016 seeks to allow mountain bike access to areas designated under the Wilderness Act of 1964, which has sparked a heated discussion on what wilderness is and should be.

Galena Grinder Course 2015

This is the route for the 2015 running of this long-standing mountain bike race hosted at the Galena Lodge and trail system. The race course hits most of the trails so I've just layed it all out here. Many new trails finished in 2015 were included in this race. What is shown is a 2 lap race for the marathon. There are many loops that can be ridden with more new trail going in throughout 2015. The construction is a collaborative between the Forest Service and Blaine County. When you visit, pick up a free trail map or get information from the lodge that is open daily from 9-4. Yurts within the trail system are available for rent throughout the year. ...  
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Boundary, Warm Springs Meadow Loop

"Boundary, that's a climb," said a local when I told him I'd just done this loop. The climb get's serious right out of the gate and stays consistently steep. Even though the switchbacks and gradient are engineered well, the volume of climbing and kick-ups on sandy soil will likely have you off your bike a few times. The reward is quick elevation gain, views, and an impending long downhill. The ride here is characterized by some high alpine wilderness style riding without breaching the "real" wilderness distinction implemented in August 2015. Much of the trail is either on the new boundary or just outside of it. However, the name doesn't come from the wilderness boundary, but I believe the forest service boundary...  
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Titus Lake Loop

Treat yourself to a high alpine mountain bike experience. The maps around the Galena area said, "Not recommended for bikes," so naturally I had to check it out. While the Titus Lake Trail is technical, it's definitely a sweet mountain-bike-worthy ride. The warnings are more likely due to some horse traffic and high hiker traffic at times. You may want to time your ride to avoid this, especially the horses coming up the trail from the bottom where the horseback riding outfitter keeps their operation. Most of the hiker traffic is from the upper trailhead over to the lake. The Titus Lake Trail has some fun technical challenges as it traverses over to the lake...  
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Fisher Creek - Williams Creek Loop

Look up "Flow" in the mountain bike dictionary and you'll find the definition to read "Williams Creek Trail." The descent is nothing but a smiley spectacular. Better yet, it doesn't seem like you've climbing that much for all the descending you do. More commonly known as the Fisher Creek Loop, most of the singletrack on this ride is actually the Williams Creek Trail. This loop is popular in the area for a reason, because it is fast, scenic, and not that technical. The climb on Fisher Creek Rd. is a mellow gravel ascent that takes you through a scenic canyon and into the burn. Later it pitches up steeply on a rocky road before reaching the trailhead. There, the fun action begins with a rolling descent through some surreal burnt trees...  
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Grand Prize, Galena Gulch, Washington Lake, Ants Basin Loop (White Cloud Mountains)

I wanted to get a feel for the good old days, when a miner could drive his rig on roughly this entire route, looking for gold without repercussion. Now, much of this route through the White Clouds has turned to singletrack, which is a good thing from my perspective. Unfortunately, a good thing is about to end if President Obama signs the most compelling part of this route into Wilderness restrictions. Nevertheless, I'm planning on to feature this ride indefinitely for two reasons, nostalgia and my hope that someday soon we'll see the Forest Service finally repeal their three-decade-long misinterpretation of the Wilderness Act to finally allow bikes. Then once again we'll be able to ride this route legally. Here's the ride, and it is MASSIVE...  
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Fernan Climb

If you're a true cyclist in the Couer d'Alene, this is the local test for rapid climbing. It is a beautiful road that gives you a warm-up along a beautiful lake. Start at the parking area across from the gun club and end where it tops out. ...  
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