Winter Recreation at Andies Prairie

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4.19 miles (6.74 km)

Total Elev. Gain:
703 ft. (214 m)
Total Elev. Loss:
-551 ft. (-168 m)

Max Altitude:
5,361 ft. (1634 m)
Min Altitude:
4,960 ft. (1512 m)
by Brian Sather — Updated 3 months 3 weeks ago · Posted Mon, Jan 25, 2016
Andies Prairie Snopark in Tollgate, Oregon provides a variety of opportunities for winter recreation at the top of the Blue Mountains. The sledding hill is a two-sided gravel pit that looks like a giant half-pipe and provided tons of fun and bruises all day. There is a designated winter overnight camping area if you want to test your skills at this, close enough you can still use the bathroom facilities in the parking area. Snowmobile trail access is at the south end of the parking area. The rest of the area is off limits to snowmobiles. The Horseshoe Prairie nordic ski trail network is an ungroomed connection of roads and trails that is off-limits to motorized use. There are lettered marker posts and blue plastic markers (with arrows sometimes) on trees to help you follow the trails, but otherwise you are on your own to navigate this area or hope for other tracks to show you the way. See the EnterActive Map to see all the trails and markers. The trees are sparse enough that you can make your own path about anywhere. However, use regular winter caution because some of succumbed to the elements out there when they got lost. There are some safeguards if you get lost. If you start going down any steep hills, you're likely too far to the north or west. If you stray too far south you hit Summit Rd. which is the snowmobile trail which should be quite clear when you get on it. To the east is your safety back to the highway and snopark.

 Andies Prairie Snopark — 45.702450, -118.034300
 A — 45.706390, -118.037200
 B — 45.705420, -118.042500
 C — 45.704430, -118.048300
 D — 45.707870, -118.059200
 E — 45.719070, -118.051680
 F — 45.712530, -118.046050
 Sledding Hill — 45.704940, -118.031640
 Winter camping — 45.701530, -118.032890

Andies Prairie Snopark during a weekday at the beginning of winter.
Route to the sledding hill.
The snopark exit, where you cross the road to the nordic area.

Sledding hill(s).

These marker posts give you an idea of where you are at.

You might find a few weathered maps.
The entrance to the sledding hill.
Two vaulted toilet facilities are provided at the parking lot.