Unsmoke Update

Clear air now, looking at Sand Pass and Burger Butte.

by Brian Sather — Updated 6 months 1 week ago · Posted Tue, Aug 15, 2017

We finally had some rain to settle down the dust on the trails and roads but this is already short lived and over. Some of the more popular area trails are well maintained at this point largely due to the volunteer uncoordinated efforts of the local trail users.

I've seen some of this happening in the wilderness too, namely by the stock packing groups. They've cut out the Elk Creek Trail from Buck Creek at least over to Tombstone Lake. By cut out, I mean they cut out everything too high for a mule to step over or go around. That's better than what is happening on most of the interior Eagle Cap trails though, so I'll take it. Mule Peak trail is clear all the way up and in good shape. I'm hearing that Sinks Trails is the cleanest it has ever been and getting some mountain bike action all the way down from Jubilee Lake this year. All-in-all the trails seems to be getting better attention now so thanks for the efforts of everyone doing their part.

The recent weather blew out the smoke and also laid down enough rain to temporarily quell the big fire danger we were getting into. Most of the local fires are out thanks to the firefighting crews and the rain and cooler temps. Bear Butte Fire is still under siege from the crew up there so Anthony Lakes is not accessible for recreation yet.

Elk Creek Trail #1944 - Wallowa Mountains, Union, Oregon
Sinks Trail 3233 MTB
Mule Peak Trail #1924 - Wallowa Mountains, Union, Oregon

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Mule Peak Trail looking good.
The end of the storm that cleared out the storm. Looking at the western Wallowas at sunset.
Tombstone Trail on the south side of the pass not looking as good.
Tombstone Trail near Diamond Lake is in good shape.
Trailwork to mule specs.