Fire near Anthony Lakes & Mt. Emily Huckleberry Picking

Ceaseless smoke fills the Grande Ronde Valley

by Tesmond Hurd — Updated 5 months 2 weeks ago · Posted Mon, Aug 7, 2017

Recreation wise, there's not too much going on in the world. The Ultra Mega Mountain Bike series by Scott's Cycle and Sports did begin yesterday though. Haze and smoke in the skies are hampering some from getting out and about. I will, however, say that the huckleberry picking season is well under way. There's been several reports of huckleberry picking around Union County, but the prime picking is definitely on Mt. Emily aka MERA. There are bushes aplenty and many bushes are loaded with the succulent fruit. Late last week, we were able to pick almost a gallon of berries in 3 hours.

Fast forward to today, I spent time checking out the local woods. Spring Creek is dry and dusty, but there were several camped out in the campground for some bizarre reason. It looked like the badlands of Wyoming there, so I don't know why anybody would want to go there. Meanwhile, the Halfway contractor is done with reconstruction of the 3120 Rd., or Fox Hill Rd. to the towers. Performance? I suppose a 7 out of 10. Nevertheless, the heavy equipment is gone.

There's been an eruption of wildfire activity in NE Oregon over the last week. The Bear Butte Fire (500+ acres) grew quickly near Anthony Lakes Friday afternoon. Then on Saturday, the Clark Creek Fire showed up near Elgin (150 acres). There is an abundant amount of dry fuels—especially the finer fuels—out there. The hot temperatures that have persisted over the last month, and are likely to continue, isn't helping the situation. The best way to keep up to date on the local fires is to check hourly.

Brian will be headed to fire lookout duty tomorrow (Tuesday) at Mule Peak in the Wallowas. I will be joining him on Saturday; assuming I don't have a re-run of my last trip to here in September 2016.

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Freshly installed FS sign on 3120 Rd at the 900 spur
USFS contractor defaces infamous gravel pile at the "Frog Ponds"
Smoke from the Bear Butte Fire shortly after ignition Aug 4