Trail Conditions Up Top

Snow at 8,200' near Swamp Lake

by Brian Sather — Updated 7 months 2 weeks ago · Posted Sun, Jul 9, 2017

Not much information has been coming through about snow conditions up high in the Eagle Cap so we went into an adventure a little blind from Two Pan through the Wallowas back home yesterday. The soil on the trails was quite good since they haven't seen much use and still have some moisture. Above 6,500' you start seeing remnant snow. At 7,500' feet the snow is consistently on the ground especially on north sides of ridges and mountains. We confirmed this around Swamp Lake, which also gave me a view of similar results in the high peaks of the Eagle Cap.

Burger pass is almost snow free now, with only a few snowbanks to climb over above Burger Meadow. The trail is mostly all good now and hasn't seen much action yet this year. As usual, there are several trees across all trails but the hiking is good. We confirmed the bridge across the Minam at Elk Creek Trail is all good. Right now bridges are very important because all the river and even stream crossings are perilous right now. I confirmed this when I slipped in the West Fork Lostine and almost went down, drenching myself in the process and almost losing a shoe.

The trails around Spout Springs aren't great right now, with a lot of trees down and the logging leaving a big mess to the northwest of the ski resort. Eagle Ridge Trail is a jungle.

Some significant berm improvement has been happening up high on Caffeine Trail. It has improved a lot for a downhill experience but has gotten loose now that it has dried out. There has been some grass trimming on some of the trails at MERA. I saw Upper Hotshot and Rough Rider done.

Eagle Ridge Trail

Burger Downhill MTB - Trails 1944 and 1951
Caffeine Trail - Mt. Emily Recreation Area

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Burger Pass, looking southeast at Granite Butte and Sand Pass
Top of Spout Springs
Damaged lift house being fixed at Spout Springs.