Shrubbing Burnt Cabin and Eagle Ridge

Angels taking flight.

by Brian Sather — Updated 5 months 3 weeks ago · Posted Sun, Jul 30, 2017

Good trails today. I was assisting some in the preparation for the Ultra Mega Series they are putting on again this summer. It starts this Sunday with a ride up Elbow Creek and fun descent back down to Harris Park via Burnt Cabin Trail. The 3 rides in this series showcase some great trails we have in our area, and some of the best maintained trails too.

After a fast drop down Burnt Cabin, we had a big climb out Elbow Creek. We confirmed the Tollgate Store is now permanently closed until someone buys it. Too bad, since Jeff was always a good guy to chat with and get some supplies. So, don't plan on getting anything like water there but thankfully some redneck angels appeared. We've documented this phenomenon quite well in the winter, but it is a summer occurrence too. These angels brought a cold gallon jug of water out of nowhere and insisted we have the whole thing. Then, they flew off as fast as they had appeared and we finished the ride well hydrated.

With all this energy, we drove over to Eagle Ridge Trail to trim back the jungle in the first couple miles. Someone had been up there to do some trimming in parts within the last week, but we went ballistic with our hedge trimmers and really knocked it all back so that should be good for the rest of the year. Brian from Scott's Cycle & Sports in Kennewick, WA was wielding his new hedge trimmer with conviction and doing work. My sawzall got some of the bigger stuff. Tony finished it off with his scissors.

I'm happy to report that all the aforementioned trails are in good shape. Burnt Cabin had some usual bushes growing in on parts of the trail and the dirt is a little loose but the creek crossing isn't that bad. South Fork is in excellent shape around the Bear Creek section and some of the water diversion work done this spring has really improved the soggy spots. The river crossing isn't bad at Elbow Creek. Eagle Ridge is in good shape but very powdery right now.

Burnt Cabin Trail
Eagle Ridge Trail
Elbow Creek Climb
South Fork Walla Walla River Trail

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South Fork Trail
Dry grass up Elbow Creek.
Brian Cimmiyotti on the hedger