Hoe Down at Indian Creek

Trail G hunting for trees on Indian Creek.

by Brian Sather — Updated 6 months 4 days ago · Posted Sun, Jul 23, 2017

To my surprise, I found two trails in really good shape in recent days. One was the handiwork of Bill and myself though when we cut through the Indian Creek Trail near Mt. Fanny. That is one fun downhill on a mountain bike and now will even more funtastic since we cut out the 30+ down trees and several scrub trees along the trail. I even had a hoe with me did some actual ground work in a few spots, something unheard of in trail maintenance nowadays. We kicked a bunch of sticks off too so it is probably in the best shape in several years and only seen one bike track so far this year so get after it. The Breshears ATV system that it is part of is all clear too so that network is in good shape right now aside from the wasteland Hancock left in the logging around Gasset Bluff that can be seen clearly from the Grande Ronde Valley.

The other trail in great shape is the Echo Lake Trail from West Eagle Meadow. There are a few trees across the trail but not many and since the trail is an amazing construction it is doing very well all the way up to Echo and Traverse Lakes but there is snow still over the pass. The 77 Road has many washboards out to Taylor Green but from there down to West Eagle the road is in great shape. It has had a lot of improvements over the last decade.

Snow conditions are rising, but most passes and sheltered slopes in the highest ridges of the Wallowas still have a lot of snow to navigate and not many are getting into the far interior of the Eagle Cap. All the wildlife has also disappeared in the high country. I have a working theory that everything died this winter or just vacated the mountains.

Since we haven't seen rain for several weeks, things are getting very dry below 6,000' elevation. Above that the snow is still feeding the lushness and the wildflowers are going crazy at 5,000' and above. This is the most prolific wildflower season I have seen and my nose is running like with a hooker's perfume. Mosquitoes area also pretty bad up high around wetlands and green areas. Huckleberry pickers are finally getting some yield on the bushes around 4000-5500' elevation.

Indian Creek Trail 1917 - Mountain Biking the Breshears Trails of La Grande Oregon

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Riding the side-by-side along the ridge.
Road looking nice and clear beside Breshears
View south at the Wallowas from Pt. Prominence
Wildflowers on the Echo Lake Trail
Successful log removal from a recent year on the Echo Lake Trail.