Cutting Moss and More

Same place a couple weeks ago there was a cut log on top of an uncut. Now they're both gone.

by Brian Sather — Updated 5 months 4 weeks ago · Posted Thu, Jul 27, 2017

Things really are shaping up on many of the trails. After noting the every-other-tree cutting by the Idaho group, their supervisor must have come along (or someone else) and got the remaining trees on the upper Little Minam. In any case, this group did a big loop reportedly around to Catherine Meadow and must have improved as the days went on because their work on Art Garrett trail coming back was excellent. Most of the trails around Moss Springs are maintained now. Lodgepole Trail has many trees cut out too, but not all. The only trail that still sucks is Salt Trail.

The Sand Pass Trail is now cut out to the wilderness boundary. Eagle Ridge needs some brushwork up top still and one tree is reportedly down.

The roads and trails are really getting dusty now and the fire danger is getting bad. Up high it is still really green though and some of the passes are retaining some snow but this is disappearing rapidly. Over last weekend, lakes like Swamp Lake had finally melted out and the longer snowfields are now turned to patches of snow that require a little navigating around to stick with the trails emerging from them.

Lackeys Hole Trail #1942 - Wallowa Mountains, Cove, Oregon
Lodgepole Trail #1920
Salt Trail - Wallowa Mountains, Cove, Oregon

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Nice fresh cut on Dobbin Trail (Art Garrett)