Mt. Emily, MERA & Indian Rock

Snow on the road past Crystal Springs

by Tesmond Hurd — Updated 7 months 2 weeks ago · Posted Wed, Jun 7, 2017

In the last 5 days, I've been up in the mountains on Mt. Emily and Indian Rock twice. During the first outing, last Saturday, I almost got to the towers before getting stopped by a foot or two of snow. Meanwhile, I saw Brian at the MERA parking lot doing motorbike stuff. So, I double-backed around to the alternative route (the non-Crystal Springs road) where I ran into more snow...again. Also, a tree had just fallen across the road to Indian Rock while I was near Crystal Springs. I'm glad I didn't go to Indian Rock first, otherwise I would have been stuck over there.

This week, I returned to the mountain top to find that a redneck cut part of the tree out of the way. So, it's official: you can drive to Indian Rock! The 6 ft. of snow that Brandon and I measured at the end of February during the Big Revival. By the end of next week I anticipate that the Mt. Emily towers will be open for business.

Mt. Emily Climb via Fox Hill

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Grande Ronde Valley from Indian Rock