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Moore Hill

by Brian Sather — Updated 8 months 1 day ago · Posted Sun, Jun 25, 2017

Palmer Junction has always been the best road ride in the area but the surface has been falling apart lately, until now. Moore Hill, the first climb out of Elgin, is called that because once you think you're done climbing there is Moore. Now it is the smoothest it will ever be with some new tarmac. At the bottom, a huge rock pile is waiting to ruin it though, so I'm sure that will happen soon. This is your chance to get out there and take out my strava while you still can. It should be easily doable because I know I've gone over a minute faster than that before and I've witnessed others go faster than that. It is one of the steepest paved climb in the area.

Palmer Junction Road Bike Ride - Out & Back

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