Hale Spring, Two Dragon, Dutch Flat Update

Bridge improvement on Two Dragon. Picture submitted by BLB.

by Brian Sather — Posted Fri, Jun 30, 2017

If you're up for a white knuckle grip&rip ride the Hale Spring Trail is the clearest and cleanest trail I have ridden this year. It has been clean for quite a while too, thanks to some local volunteer help. The trail doesn't have much of any margin for error and it is a wild ride to the bottom. The problem is that it doesn't fit in logically to any ride sequence, except for me into my back door. If Herron Ridge ever got fixed up and the old Five Points Creek trail re-established then it would fit in well, but right now it is more of a crazy descent or physically challenging hike up and down. I've had 2 tools disappear off that trail so if anyone knows the whereabouts of a yellow McCleod and short-handle grub hoe, they're mine.

In other news, Pat at Range Tour has reported to us that Baker Loves Bikes has cleared Two Dragon Trail up by Anthony Lakes and today they were planning to clear Dutch Flat Trail.

Hale Spring Trail
Dutch Flat Trail 1607 MTB
Herron Ridge - Trail 1859

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Trail clearing at Two Dragon. Pic by BLB.