The Big Revival #2 - Mt. Emily is Ready

Looking towards Elgin & Imbler

by Tesmond Hurd — Updated 7 months 1 week ago · Posted Wed, Jun 7, 2017

Well, I was wrong. So much for another two weeks before you can get to the towers on Mt. Emily. Guess what?! It's time for the Big Revival (#2)! On a post-work booze cruise, we discovered that there was still some snow, but not enough to prevent access to the towers. You can finally drive to the towers and walk out on the rocks of Mt. Emily. There is some patches of snow up top, but you can access the area via pick-up, regular car, small car, or other mode of transportation.

Welcome to Summer 2017 folks! Crank up the music and drink a cold one!

But, for some unknown meteorological reason there was a plaguing haze over the Grande Ronde Valley tonight. Not sure why, but there was a lot of obscured clouds (see pictures).

Here's some linkage to this song I keep referring to:

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Hazy over La Grande