Umatilla Rim Snow Update

by Dominic Clay — Posted Mon, May 29, 2017

I drove up to check the conditions on the Umatilla Rim this morning. I had the dirt bike in the back of the truck, thinking it might be rideable, but this is what I found... (Pics attached). First pick is of Umatilla Rim Trail parking lot. 2-3 ft of snow still lying across the parking area, equal amounts or more remaining in the shade under the trees. Probably a few more weeks for that snow to melt completely. Second pick is of Summit Road just about 50 meters in from 204. There was a truck with an empty snowmobile trailer parked there too...

I've been putting in some time on the dirt bike recently. All the moto single track(that I know of) out of fox hill is in super shape- 327, 306(Barber's cut?), and especially 317. Top section of 317 is prime for moto or mountain bike, though there are some low hanging free branches. Unfortunately, as of two days ago there was still some snow on the extreme upper reaches of 317 so I haven't gone all the way to the top yet.

Umatilla Rim
317 Singletrack Trail at MERA

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