Palmer Heaven

Top of Millionaire

by Brian Sather — Updated 3 months 2 weeks ago · Posted Fri, Dec 1, 2017

I've been purposefully staying away from Palmer Junction ever since I saw that giant pile of gravel earlier this summer. I couldn't bear to see it destroyed. Then, I hit up Moore Hill with Sheeks a couple weeks ago but turned around. Later he told me how awesome the road was so today I had to investigate for myself so I rode out to Millionaire Hill with him. This has been always been the best road biking road around so I gave up hope that we were going to lose another road to the atrocious chunck-sealing virus plaguing the county. I was partially right, as the Middle Road/Palmer loop in the valley is horrid, but if you can get past that pummeling you will find road bike heaven. The road surface is magnificent out there. Now we can add PJ to Pierce Rd and 12th street on the shrinking list of good road bike roads. It is definitely worth the trip out there, and usually you can ride it well into December if you catch it right. Moore Hill becomes one of the first climbs to melt off in the spring too. I like it for 10 minute climb intervals.

On the note of roads lost, Ellis Rd. in North Powder (the road to A Lakes), is surprisingly in Union County and you'll know it when you get on the new chipseal out there. I was getting tossed too and fro driving my car on it the other day. At least the extra rocks will add some traction...and you'll need it.

Palmer Junction Road Bike Ride - Out & Back

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