Snow is back after brief hiatus

Frances Lake on Oct 11

by Brian Sather — Updated 3 months 1 week ago · Posted Wed, Oct 11, 2017

We only ended up with a few weeks in the Wallowas that were snow free at the end of the summer, and even then some decent pockets up high remained. In September the snow resumed and wasn't quite melting between storms that followed and that pattern seems to be continuing to the point that I think we're about to lose the high mountain trails for winter. This is also a win though.

I visited Ice Lake and Frances Lake within the last 4 days and the trails were follow-able on foot but I was dealing with some snow each time. It seems like 7,000' is the elevation where the snow action starts to get dicey and higher up it becomes more difficult. The moisture is helping the lower trails though, as conditions are very nice for mountain biking and trail running.

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Snow on the trail around 8,000'
Looking south in the Lostine corridor