Jubi Lie Lake

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Updated: Saturday, Dec 16, 2017 4:54 PM
Posted: Monday, Dec 4, 2017 5:23 PM
Avalanche Red Flags
Intense precipitation  
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Snow Conditions
With literally no snow on the ground, I didn't think I was going to be out the same day as last year when the La Grande Ride trio reined down on Bone Springs last year. However, my superior forecasting skills last week knew there would be dump of snow over the weekend, and sure enough Brian and I were able to hit up the snowmobile today! We found half the amount of snow at Jubilee Lake as we did a year ago today, and we didn't bother going on to Bone Springs.

As I responded to Summerville to meet up with Brian, there was carnage all over Hunter Road. A car had hit an elk, and you could see where others ran off the road within a few hours of my passage. Once again, "ODOT Condition A" was working. Even though we rolled into the sno-park and the ODOT guys were rushing to get back into their equipment before we saw them. Fail. They were working diligently to clear the road and sno-parks of the snow.

We spent a few hours checking out the snow conditions between Langdon Lake and Jubilee Lake. But, it was more like Jubi Lie Lake because the snow depth was misleading. We found a solid 25 cm of new snow, which also happened to be the snow depth. The snow was all powder, so we were able to do a little boondocking. Word of caution: do not go off road.

We were privy to the scuttlebutt of Tollgate. The store is going to re-open under new ownership in 2 weeks. It will be open every day of the week and have cinnamon rolls and hot drinks, and other stuff that pales in comparison to those 2 things. Word is that the Spout Springs inbound permit might get picked up to allow for some non-motorized activities in there. Bone Springs shelter is open and Ruckel should be open tomorrow. There also was a possible bigfoot sighting up there.

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The Snow
New Snow
25 cm
Total Snow
25 cm
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Snow Depths
Location #1: Starting point — 25 cm (map)
The Weather
Overcast (> 7/8)
No Precipitation
South at 1-16 mph
Tesmond's obligatory Jubilee Lake pic
Looking like winter out there.
Scouring ODOT employees
Fog near the summit
The sign speaks for itself
Langdon Lake
Suspicious vehicle conducting surveillance
Sledding in the middle of the highway
Sather checking out the gate
Nice powder
Accidental capture of Sather via helmet cam
Hunter Road carnage
Challenger with ski rack?

We thought maybe we found bigfoot tracks.