China Crap

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Updated: Wednesday, Dec 27, 2017 8:22 PM
Posted: Wednesday, Dec 27, 2017 7:51 PM
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Snow Conditions
Backcountry Ski
China Cap    Wallowas    Catherine    Burger Butte   
If you like skiing rocks and trees, Burger Butte is the place to go. Things are shockingly thin up there and most of it is new snow that came around Christmas. Surprisingly, you can't drive down the road past the boy scout camp though, so that means rather even coverage at most elevations. Finally when we got higher up on China Cap we started to see some signs of fatness, but it was still under a meter.

To add insult to (ski) injury, the block propagated distinctly on 17 taps, about halfway down to the ground on a layer that was below the latest storm snow. It wasn't on the thin pencil layer we saw in the snowpack either, but on a nearly invisible layer a couple centimeters below that. The skiing would have been excellent if the snow was deeper because the new snow was heavenly and it was a beautiful and comfortable day in the mountains.

Backcountry observations provided or vetted by trained avalanche professionals.
The Snow
New Snow
6 cm
Total Snow
92 cm
29° / WSW

Compression Tests
Test #1: ECTP - RP, down -47 cm

Snow Depths
Location #1: China Basin — 92 cm (map)
Location #2: Burger Slide Path — 46 cm (map)
The Weather
Overcast (> 7/8)
No Precipitation
No air motion
Boot pen is all the way to the ground when stepping off skis, as modelled by Dominic.
Trees showing everywhere.
Burger slide path with plenty of stuff showing.

Right at the cloud level, looking toward Baker Valley where some sun was breaking through.