Andies Icie

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Updated: Saturday, Dec 30, 2017 6:32 PM
Posted: Saturday, Dec 30, 2017 4:07 PM
Avalanche Red Flags
Rapid temperature rise  
Brian Sather*
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Snow Conditions
Runnels aplenty up at Tollgate, as the rain hit hard and then it froze up over night into a sheet of ice on the road and a frozen layer on top of what used to be awesome snow a couple days ago. The trails are bumpy and the tracks on the open meadows we tore up are frozen in time. The upside is that the snow compacted and didn't disappear. The compacting makes it easier to boondock over down trees and stuff without one snagging you. Now we just need a storm to put some fresh down and this is a good pocket to get some better winter action. People were having fun ripping their trailers apart unloading, snowshoeing on crusty snomo tracks, and burning up the parking lot.

The Weather
Broken (5/8 - 7/8)
Snow - S-1 Very light snow
West at 17-25 mph
Nothing says good times like a bonfire in the parking lot.
Icy parking lot
Finding some dirt.