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Updated: Thursday, Nov 2, 2017 8:11 PM
Brian Sather*
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Snow Conditions
Backcountry Ski
This cycle of snow every week or so hasn't quite built up enough in the high country to ski or snowmobile yet. It keeps getting followed by periods of warmth and sun that is melting it too much. However, more snow is on the way. I was up fairly high in the southwest Wallowas and there are some spots of 2-3 feet of snow hanging around but it is patchy and dirt is showing. Most southern slopes are completely snow free, even in the interior of the Wallowas, like on Eagle Cap.

As of now, roads and trails are mostly clear up until about 7,000' but some of the northern aspects are retaining a little snow. The Taylor Green areas was mostly snow free. We're going to be amping up our backcountry snow reports from now on, so keep visiting to see all the updates. The last few years we've provided the most snow report information in the mountains of Northeast Oregon and this year we're planning to provide even more information in more diverse formats.

Looking down on South Fork Catherine and the Flagstaff Butte Area.