Snotoberfest at Moss Springs

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Updated: Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 3:39 AM
Posted: Monday, Oct 9, 2017 7:39 PM
Tesmond Hurd*
Cassie Heine
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Snow Conditions
Moss Springs    Cove    Wallowas   
I have been looking forward to being in the snow since my last snowmobile day at Anthony Lakes on May 15th. I did, however, see snow in July near Minam Lake on the Lostine River. Nevertheless, I went up to Mt. Fanny in the evening...or so I tried. The road is in good condition, but around 5400 ft. we started running into snow. I was excited to try my new pickup out in the snow on the sides of the gravel.

When we finally got up to the campground, there was about 2 inches of snow and several hunters camped out. I took this time to survey the area and remember my trip with Brian and Forrest earlier in the year. I was slightly confused by the hunters, snow-covered roads, and overall redneck glares. My ambitious redneck 4WD attitude pushed me up towards Mt. Fanny, but that was unsuccessful. The road became slicker with packed snow, and temperatures around 33 °F. I was fairly surprised by the the 3-4 inches of snow along the roadside. We decided to turn around for beer thirty and return to the house for beer and bonfire.

Winter is coming quickly and there's a lot of excitement circulating my office. I would like to announce that last winter, Brian, Forrest, and I were snowmobiling on December 4th (here's a picture if you don't remember);

which was during one hell of a snow storm. I plan on being on my snow machine in less than two months!

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The Snow
New Snow
Total Snow
2 in
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Snow Depths
Location #1: Moss Springs — 2 in (map)
Location #2: Turn around — 3 in (map)
The Weather
Few (1/8 - 2/8)
No Precipitation
Snow covering Moss Springs Campground
Starting to see snow around 5400 ft.
Pulling into the campground
Dakota enjoying "Snotoberfest"