Mt. Emily Cowboys vs. Indian Rocks

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Updated: Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017 11:24 PM
Posted: Friday, Oct 20, 2017 12:21 PM
Tesmond Hurd*
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Snow Conditions
Indian Rock Trail
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Last night we made a late night run up Mt. Emily to find snow, and boy did we find it. While there wasn't any existing snow from the last system, it was falling aggressively from the sky after 1:30 AM. Snow was collecting quickly on the road above 3000-3500 ft. By the time we started heading back down the hill, the snow had already covered our tracks. Since it was dark out, the only way to see what was going on was with bright lights on the pickup. Rob was exited to see winter.

It was evident that a warm front was passing through the area, because the temperature kept getting warmer as the night went on. This "atmospheric river" was bringing substantial precipitation to the PNW. Forecasts were calling for up to 9 ft of snow at Whistler, BC. In the states, Mt. Baker and Mt. Hood were expected to see 4-6 ft. Winter is coming quickly, so don't get discouraged. On my way to Boise this morning we say lots of snow at 3000 ft. I even talked to a native who was promoting the farmer's almanac prediction of a worse-than-last-year snow conditions in town.

(I later noticed my great product placement for Oregon Trail Sports in Baker City.)

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The Snow
New Snow
3 cm
Total Snow
3 cm
--° / --

Snow Depths
Location #1: First snow sticking to the road — 3 cm (map)
Location #2: Indian Rock — 3 cm (map)
The Weather
Overcast (> 7/8)
Snow - S1 Light snow
South at 1-16 mph
Snow on the Mt. Emily cell towers
Indian Rock snow
Snow really starts sticking
2cm of new snow