Mountain Biking Northeast Oregon

A little known fact is that over 800 miles of mountain bike (MTB) trails exist in Northeastern Oregon, mostly all within 100 miles of La Grande. Hundreds more miles exist if you add in ATV trails and closed dirt roads. This is close to what the mountain bike meccas of Bend and Oakridge offer; yet, hardly anyone knows about our trails. Even locals don't know this much opportunity exists so close, so don't be surprised if you get a weird look when you ask where all these MTB trails are.

The challenge in this part of Oregon is finding the trails, since signage is sparse and many trailheads are unmarked. Most trails are also isolated and not part of a system, so you need to know exactly where to go. At La Grande Ride, we know more than anyone about our mountain biking and we don't believe in secret trails. So, we have mapped most of it and feature it here on our site. We've even scouted some short connectors for over a hundred miles of continuous mountain biking. You will find the most comprehensive trail guide in all of Oregon if you purchase the Pack for Online Map Guides. Keep in mind that we're adding and updating guides regularly, so you will continue to enjoy new trails and features throughout the year for mountain biking and other recreation. We can guarantee every mapped trail is accurate according to GPS. We can also assist you in planning your trip or bringing your local mountain bike club here.

If you like other recreation like hiking, horseback riding, and other non-motorized activities there are a total of 2,653 miles of trails in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest alone, but unfortunately (for MTBers) many of these miles are within wilderness so bikes aren't allowed. There are plenty of trails outside the wilderness though, which are prime for the taking. We need more people mountain biking our trails!

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