A very long and scenic riverside trail along the Minam River. We don't have a lot of trails that follow a major river in this region, but this one hugs the river magnificently for many miles, all the way to the headwaters at Minam Lake (although here we are just featuring the trail to the footbridge at Red's Horse Ranch). The problem is that the trail isn't well maintained and it is a complete cluster to access.

The trail surface is in great shape and the brush isn't too thick either, it is just the trees across the trail that hamper progress. As a hike it won't be too bad, except... Read more

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Starkey Ukiah Road Bike Century Loop

Total Elev. Loss:
-8,245 ft.
98.98 miles
Total Elev. Gain:
8,241 ft.

Not often can you ride a paved backcountry road with nearly no traffic that is almost spot-on a century distance. As a bonus, this hidden jewel of a loop is not far from La Grande but rarely done by anyone, on any vehicle. You will experience great views, challenging climbs, pristine meadows, streams, rivers, and older creepy men in mini-vans (these are basically scattered throughout the entire Elkhorn Mountains). The loop is best done clockwise. From Starkey you start a long gentle climb up the Grande Ronde River before the big climb of Chicken Hill hits...  
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