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Backcountry Update 8-16-2017

Backcountry Update 8-16-2017
by Brian Sather — Wed, Aug 16, 2017

Burger Bath Update from Sand Pass 8-13-2017

by Tesmond Hurd — Tue, Aug 15, 2017

Unsmoke Update

by Brian Sather — Posted Tue, Aug 15, 2017

We finally had some rain to settle down the dust on the trails and roads but this is already short lived and over. Some of the more popular area trails are well maintained at this point largely due to the volunteer uncoordinated efforts of the local trail users. ...
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Mule Peak Trail #1924 - Wallowa Mountains, Union, Oregon

The reward for this hike is one of the top five vistas in the Wallowas. The highest point of the trail is only a short hike from the summit of Granite Butte, which has a flat grassy top above cliffs that yield a killer panorama. You not only see the expanse of the entire Eagle Cap but you can turn the other direction to see the Elkhorns and Blue Mountains and all of the valleys to the west of the Wallowas. Mule Peak Lookout is perched on a high point of a sub-ridge off Granite Butte and this trail goes right beside it. The lookout is an active fire service structure that is manned during certain times of the late summer...  
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Smokey Mountains

by Brian Sather — Posted Wed, Aug 9, 2017

The haze set in a week ago just after I was bragging about our clear skies. The smoke that has invaded the Pacific Northwest has hit our area too and we've added some smoke to the mix with our Bear Butte and Clark Creek fires. Visibility is still poor in the valleys but a little better when you get up higher in the Wallowas right now. Even though it is hazy, it doesn't quite have the lung polluting effect that previous summers' smoke has produced. So hiking, trail running, biking, and some other activities aren't too bad right now. ...
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North Fork Catherine Creek Trail #1905 - Wallowa Mountains, Union, Oregon

On a quality scale of awesome to crap, this trail covers the entire range from start to finish, in that order. The trail follows North Fork Catherine all the way to it's start and then goes up over a saddle on Meadow Mountain and painfully works its way down to Rock Creek and follows that down to the Minam River. The key feature of this trail is the lush beautiful mosquito den of Catherine Meadow. It is a huge meadow with a private land holding at one end and at the other end a public cabin with no amenities. The trail is maintained and gets good use to the meadow. Elk and other wildlife are plentiful throughout the entire trail. After Catherine Meadow, you immediately come to a junction with Crib Point Trail that goes up to Deadhorse Flat...  
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Cartwheel Ridge Trail #1907 - Wallowa Mountains, Cove, Oregon

Cartwheel Ridge is a meandering trail along a subtle ridge that follows an old road, hence probably the trail name. The double ruts are still visible for most of the trip. It is a nice route from Lodgepole Trail that takes you by two other trails before starting to open up with expansive views and plugging you deeper into the Minam area. Near the end you experience a twist in your wilderness experience when you come to a barbwire fence and gate. From there, the trail starts to sidehill and becomes a single track as it swaps from the south side of the ridge to the north side and plugs into a trail junction with Lakeys Hole and Jim White trails. The trail starts at a marked intersection on the Lodgepole Trail that clearly has the old road crossing the trail...  
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Backcountry Update 8-2-2017

Backcountry Update 8-2-2017
by Brian Sather — Wed, Aug 2, 2017

Dobbin Trail #1913 (a.k.a. Art Garrett Trail) - Wallowa Mountains, Cove, Oregon

I would say don't confuse this with the other Dobbin trail on the other Dobbin Creek a few drainages away, but that goes without saying in the redundant naming game of the mountains in Northeast Oregon. We could avoid this confusion by going with the "Art Garrett Trail" but the official status of this name seems to be resting on an unofficial looking sign nailed to a tree at the start of the trail. Other than that, I can't find anything about who Art is and why the trail has his name, nor can I find any official indication that is the real trail name. Several years ago I ran into an old guy roaming the trail near there, who indicated he had been hiking all of the trails around there. Perhaps that was Art, inspired by the definitely-official Jim White to get a trail named after himself...  
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Crib Point Trail #1909 - Wallowa Mountains, Cove, Oregon

This hidden gem of a trail is sandwiched in the midst of a lot of trail options around the Little Minam River. You'll rise up to Crib Point and cover some distance quickly from there to Deadhorse Flat, but then you'll be the one crying if you drop off the other side to Catherine Meadow because that trail is in horrible shape and you'll enter a ravenous mosquito zone much of the summer. Instead of doing that, at Deadhorse Flat you can get on the Cartwheel Ridge Trail in either direction to make a loop of this trail. It is excellent for trail runners to use as a loop with a nice running surface if you loop this and Dobbin Creek or if you want more rugged running with better visuals go to the top of Cartwheel Ridge and come down one of the options from there...  
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