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Snowmobiling from Salt Creek Summit Snopark

The snowmobile routes from Salt Creek Summit are super pipelines maintained by the Gamblers, that deliver you to a variety of terrain on the east side of the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon. Some people even access the Halfway area from this location. The trees that were destroyed by fire a couple decades ago now have been replaced by trees that are starting to grow high enough that the play areas are disappearing, but there is still plenty of open space available until the next fire. One major advantage of this side of the Wallowas is that you can cover a lot of ground with great scenery. You can see for miles, into Hells Canyon and Idaho, including the Seven Devils and McCall area...  
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Sealing in the Juices Podcast 3-6-2018

Sealing in the Juices Podcast 3-6-2018
by Brian Sather — Tue, Mar 6, 2018 (Updated 6 days 20 hours ago)

Brian Sather and Tesmond Hurd talk about redneck angels surrounding us, running for office, celebrity snowbike, recovering snowbikes, endless powder, and more.

Fall of the Wall

A few clashes amongst the white walkers and gearheads occurred the last few days while the onset of winter raged ferociously above Cornucopia. The snow was so magical and deep, many were claiming the best snowmobile days of their lives and deepest powder ever ridden. Winter is here. ...  
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Western Wallowas Concern

The accompanying video and snowpit tells most of the story. Even though there is close to 7 feet of snow on Mule Peak (one of the highest snowpacks I've seen this winter), it is still shockingly thin around the 5,000' range in the Western Wallowas even with the new snow over the last week. The storms are still favoring more north, especially the Blue Mountains. ...  
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Bennet Peak & Two Color Snowmobile - Wallowa Mountains, Baker City, Oregon

by Brian Sather — Thu, Feb 8, 2018

Taylor Skid Marks

My crotch and arms despise the 77 road, so I've been avoiding it all year but I got suckered onto it today and it lived up to expectation. The whoops aren't big because not much snow is there, but it is ice and ruts all the way to the warming shelter. Surprisingly there is snow still on it all the way to the sno-park but just barely, but carbides will hit dirt sporadically for the first mile. Also a shocker is that the sno-park has snow on it, which is contrary to what we reported on the podcast yesterday. I guess this shouldn't be a surprise, since this sno-park never gets plowed so what is there is the entire year's snowpack crushed down by hoards of slednecks. So the good news is that we can break out the fishing poles to fish this pond in a short amount of time...  
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Mt. Fanny Snowbike

by Brian Sather — Fri, Feb 2, 2018

Backcountry Disg-race Podcast 1-30-2018

Backcountry Disg-race Podcast 1-30-2018
by Brian Sather — Tue, Jan 30, 2018 (Updated 1 month 1 week ago)

Brian Sather and Tesmond Hurd talk about snowmobile windows, backcountry ski race fouls, snowbike play-by-play, and more.

Cornucopia Sledder - Snowmobiling Halfway, Oregon

by Brian Sather — Mon, Jan 29, 2018

Catherine Crust

I thumbed my nose at the day-late avalanche warning needlessly clogging up the notifications on my phone and charged around the Buck Creek area and up most of Mule Peak. The snow was soft and warm until I got to about 6,000' and then the breakable crust was rampant. Things appeared to stay below freezing above that point most of the day. The creeks weren't blowing out either, which is more evidence things are staying more stable at higher elevation today. I didn't see any signs of instability or recent avalanches up high. The wind was strong but there wasn't any free snow available for transport. This is a complete absence of snow on the southern slopes and anything below 5,000' is very thin in the Catherine Area...  
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