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Salt Creek Some Snopark

Things aren't looking too bad up high at Wing Ridge, all things considered. The basins are filled in pretty good, but everything else is looking thin. Wednesday brought in a healthy dose of new snow that effectively doubled the snowpack at Salt Creek Summit. The trees, grass, and other flora are still visible but things have been cold and the new snow preserved enough that the new snow coming down today will help things at lot. There is enough snow a few backcountry skiers, nordic skiers, snowshoers, snowmobilers, and delivery trucks were successfully heading out into the backcountry. They all made it back too, except the delivery truck needed a tow truck after making it only a few hundred yards toward Halfway...  
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Chief Joseph Trail #1803 - Wallowa Lake, Oregon

To add insult, after running Chief Joseph away they named a crappy trail after him. You would think a trail in such close proximity to a high-use area like Wallowa Lake Campground would be in better shape, but no one seems to be using it. It doesn't even take you to the top of the mountain that bears his name. Some locals must have disliked this trail so much they built an unofficial trail straight up the mountain and it crosses over this trail several times. This other one is a better option if you plan to climb the peak. The trail starts off of the West Fork Wallowa Trail about a 1/4 mile up and it in great shape up to a very nice footbridge across the river. Then it is still okay for a ways until you get to BC Creek, where it attempts to cross this rushing cascade...  
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Snow is back after brief hiatus

by Brian Sather — Updated 4 months 1 week ago · Posted Wed, Oct 11, 2017

We only ended up with a few weeks in the Wallowas that were snow free at the end of the summer, and even then some decent pockets up high remained. In September the snow resumed and wasn't quite melting between storms that followed and that pattern seems to be continuing to the point that I think we're about to lose the high mountain trails for winter. This is also a win though. ...
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Memorial Day Weekend at Wallowa Lake et al.

by Tesmond Hurd — Posted Sun, May 28, 2017

Yearning for a great recreation trip outside of La Grande, I headed to Wallowa County for three days of action-packed adventure, good beer, and fresh fish. Originally, I set out to finish an article for La Grande Ride, hike some trails, go fishing, and maybe enjoy the nightlife and play mini golf. Here's the weekend recap: ...
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Wallowa Lake Tourism and Recreation in Northeast Oregon

Wallowa Lake, located south of Joseph in Wallowa County, Oregon, is one of the most popular, premiere areas for recreation, vacation, and tourism in Northeast Oregon. In 2016, $29.3 million in tourism money was spent here. The lake itself was formed from glaciers, surrounding by high moraines, and towering mountain peaks. It is well know for its cold, clear, blue waters. Opportunities to hike, mountain bike, swim, horseback ride, fish, and boat are almost unlimited in the area...  
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Aneroid Lake, East Fork Wallowa River Trail Hiking Update

by Tesmond Hurd — Updated 8 months 3 weeks ago · Posted Sat, May 27, 2017

Welcome to hiking in the Wallowas during the spring from the Wallowa Lake side! Before I get into the trail conditions, I figured I would do some more public shaming of my "favorite" federal agency. I hadn't even gotten to the actual trail when I came across a sign posted saying the "Chief Joseph Trail 1803 is not maintained." What kind of nonsense is this? Apparently the taxpayers pay for the Forest Service to post signs about NOT doing trail work, then to actually do trail work. With that foul taste in my mouth, I climbed the trail to 6200' (about 3 miles in) before the snow got more...
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Worst 5 Mountain Bike Trails in Northeast Oregon - Part 2 of 3

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#4 Virtue Flats

There is no virtue in the flats you'll get in this desert no-asis. Virtue Flats is an OHV area outside Baker City. In this case, OHV stands for Oh Hell Na! The ve Read more

Worst 5 Mountain Bike Trails in Northeast Oregon - Part 3 of 3

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#2 Skills Trail of MERA

Skills Trail of Mt. Emily Recreation Area offers a whole lotta riding without going anywhere. It is essentially a treadmill. After sev Read more

Mountain Biking Joseph, Oregon

With so much open space and mountains, you would think the Wallowa Valley would have a lot of sweet mountain biking trails. It doesn't, probably for several reasons like the wilderness line that is mostly right by the trailheads on the northeastern end of the Wallowas. Other trails just straight up have "no bike" signs even when you can ride a ways without wilderness restrictions. For example, all of the trails around Wallowa Lake State Park are no bikie.


Grizzly Ridge Trail - Imnaha, Oregon

Rugged and scenic. Any trail I describe in the Hells Canyon area usually has those words, and Grizzly Ridge is no exception. While it is not a buffed fast singletrack, nor is it known by anyone as a mountain bike trail, it is a trail that keeps you on top of a ridge over expansive landscape that is well worth the bumping along cow and ATV trail. If it weren't for the ranchers and cattle this trail probably won't exist. It truly is a mix of doubletrack and singletrack after starting as a primitive road on Cayuse Flat. I was surprised the ridge was all rideable, at least out to the point where the Crooked Canyon Trail intersects. From there it starts to disappear and becomes very rough. It does continue along the ridge but I turned around where the track ends on this feature...  
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