Run Segment - XTERRA La Grande

Route Description: 

The run course course will head out from the lake in the same direction as previous years (counterclockwise on the above map), but this is only a tease of the past as runners will take a U-turn at the gate and climb back up for a new running experience at Pipeline. The course descends the pipeline road that was previously used for the mountain bike segment. Arrival at a minor creek crossing marks the low point of the run, which only means one thing: a brutal climb that takes place on a new section of singletrack trail. As the trail tops out, runners are greeted by some wide open meadows and a visual of the lake. The run into the lake will be fast, as racers will once again navigate the trail on the east side of the lake just as they did on MTB. Upon arrival at the finish line, everyone gets to enjoy one more 1.6 mile (2.6k) lap of the lake. The run course is sure to offer many sightings of the competition and plenty of race action for spectators.