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Get High Podcast - 11-17-2015

Brian Sather and Tesmond Hurd discuss topics such as high ridge, sub-woofers, bigfoot feces, trailwork, website coding, and MERA.

  ^Get low til the whistle blow
  ^Tesmond on the trailwork crew
  ^All Hale breaking loose

Bigfoot of Pod Sinks (BOPS) Podcast - 10-27-2015

Brian Sather and Tesmond Hurd deliver a compelling performance on their podcast show. Topics include: Good Samaritan beastmaster, Sinks Trail paranormal, bigfoot evidence, elk, phantom wolves, and quality uphill berms. Social links: Twitter @LaGrandeRide, @BrianSather, @LGWeather and Instagram @BriSath 

Includes references to The Watershed Apocalypse Podcast and Winterfell Podcast and Bear Springs Trap Video.

  ^Bigfoot's fagot.
  ^Bigfoot of Pod Sinks
  ^Bigfoot hunting in the deep woods.

Joe in the Bush Podcast - 10-19-2015

Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather talk about topics such as burning bushes, badwater, Elkhorn ghosts, Dutch Flat, and cocks. 

  ^Sheeks collecting water samples from the Minam.
  ^Actual footage of Joe Bush

Ore Gon vs Yeti Podcast - 10-15-2015

Brian Sather and Tesmond Hurd, from the new RideCast studio, talking about topics such as bigfoot confirmation, DFT, Spout redux, mix tapes, and Anthony artwork update.

  ^Fishing fail on Wallowa Lake.
  ^Just above Dutch Flat Lake about the time of the yeti incident.
  ^Brian's patronage at Arrowhead Chocolates