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No Bull Podcast - 10-5-2015

Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather present the La Grande Ride Podcast. Topics include Umatilla Rim Trail, Spout Springs (video), Walla Walla South Fork, North Fork, bull encounters, home-by-dinner adventures, ebikes, T-shirt follow up, bigfoot, and tank drums.

^Is that a moose, bigfoot, or mountain biker?


^Riding in the Walla Walla South Fork

^Rare sighting of sasquatch

Earth, Wilderness, & Fire Podcast - 9-3-15

Brian Sather and Tesmond Hurd unleash their 2015 podcast campaign. Topics include ECT, wire cutting mountain bikers, ATVs, souvenir fire T-shirts, races, and new wilderness.

^The Baker Building--possible future HQ for La Grande Ride--as seen during the fire smoke.

^Setting the stage for our reality show

^New bicycle-hating wilderness in Idaho

^Grizzly Bear Fire seen from Palmer Jct. Rd.


Broadcast of Guest Brian Sather on Supertalk Radio 6-28-2015

Brian Sather as guest on Leo Castillo show "World Gone Crazy" aired 6-28-2015 on Supertalk Radio AM 1450 La Grande and 1490 Baker City. Includes a discussion of the La Grande Ride project and brief discussion the wilderness ban on bicycles.

New 2015 Trails Being Built at MERA

A non-motorized trail is under construction currently at MERA starting above Bill's Trail near the new bridge at the bottom of Doing Time. It only climbs up a few switchbacks but will be working up the hill to the Doing Time Trail near the cliffs. For now it is apparently called Depends. Read more about New 2015 Trails Being Built at MERA

SHAT Happens Podcast 12-13-14

Dominic Clay, Tesmond Hurd, and Brian Sather for La Grande Ride HQ. Topics include skiing Burger, kits, wind, acronym superiority, Go Home, and more.

^Tree removal crew.

^Dominic spearfishing on Burger

^Tesmond snowmobiles away on a tiny layer of snow.

The Watershed Apocalypse Podcast 11-3-14

Brian Sather, Tesmond Hurd, and Dominic Clay unleash from La Grande Ride HQ in Oregon. Topics include the zombies above La Grande, winning percentage of Dominic, water quality, incoming fleece, and more.

^La Grande's water filter.

^Paranormal white chipmonks in the watershed.

^Brian's first encounter with Deliverance Camp. The image quality is due to trembling.

^Supplies of the walking dead stored at Deliverance Camp in 2012.

^Dominic snaps a shot of Brian in the Watershed. Is there a Virgin Mary apparition in the picture somewhere?

California Snob Podcast 10-24-14

Zachary Heath, Brian Sather, Tesmond Hurd, and later Dominic Clay podcast from La Grande Ride. Topics include new trail reviews, cyclocross racing, smoking products, and more.