Cycling Temperature - Clothing Matrix

The Matrix
Originally published in Oregon Cycling Magazine, Autumn 2007, vol. 16, no.9, p. 17.

When I set up my site a couple years ago, one of the first things I created was a clothing-temperature matrix. Since then, it has been one the most popular downloads on my site. Here in Northeast Oregon, is seems like the seasons change overnight. You could be riding in shorts one day, and experience snow the next. Consequently, it is difficult to remember what you wore 7 months ago after a sudden 40 degree temperature drop. So, the matrix was created out of personal necessity.

I have a number of caveats that precede the matrix, which are very important prerequisites for examining the guidelines. My other disclaimer is that it takes quite a bit of time and money to build up sufficient wardrobe of winter clothing. A bicycle trainer is much cheaper. My first few years of bike training were spent indoors. I gradually bought clothing and learned what worked so that I am now to the point I rarely ride inside. Every day is a nice day to ride, if you have on the right clothes!

See the file below for The Matrix.

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