A Cyclist's Guide to Wind in Union County, Oregon

The literal winds of change arrive every fall in La Grande, Oregon. There are two main ingredients on which to focus in La Grande weather forecasting--moisture and wind. Since the former is infrequent in the area, the latter should be the main concern. The winds of the Grande Ronde Valley occur daily and can be ferocious. This notion is supported by incidents of semi-trailer trucks being blown over on the freeway, an airport building being toppled, and even folklore of train boxcars derailed near Hot Lake. It goes without saying that cycling activities will be affected by these winds. Read more about A Cyclist's Guide to Wind in Union County, Oregon

Bicycling Essentials for Northeast Oregon

(This article was originally published at on 13 Mar 2006 11:03:47am)

Northeast Oregon is truly a beautiful place to ride a bike. This is why Cycle Oregon often visits the area, and will again ride through this September. What others consider a scenic getaway vacation, La Grande residents have readily available. Consequently, my enthusiasm for cycling has been intensified since I moved to Summerville four years ago. Read more about Bicycling Essentials for Northeast Oregon

Cycling Temperature - Clothing Matrix

The Matrix
Originally published in Oregon Cycling Magazine, Autumn 2007, vol. 16, no.9, p. 17.
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