Jubilee Lake Climb

By Brian Sather — updated Sat, 9/10/2011 - 11:00 PM, created Sat, 9/10/2011 - 10:46 PM

27.93 miles (44.949 km)

Elevation Gain:
7858.02 ft. (2395.12 m)
Elevation Loss:
-5796.86 ft. (-1766.88 m)

Max Altitude:
5068.9 ft. (1545 m)
Min Altitude:
2660.76 ft. (811 m)
The Palmer Jct road is one of the best paved climbing roads in Union County because of the great scenery and random steep climbs it throws at riders. It is an out and back course on a road bike, but if continued on the gravel offers a long climb up to Jubilee Lake. The long consistent climb starts when crossing the bridge of Lookingglass Creek, and doesn’t give up until just before the lake. The climb is rarely very steep, but it is very consistent and long. Jubilee Lake is a very popular destination for campers from the western side of the blue mountains because it offers summer relief from heat and a beautiful setting for finshing, hiking, and swimming. The road from the highway is well traveled and very dusty, but the climb up to this road sees very occasional traffic. It is best to convince someone to pick you up at the lake, which is a relatively short drive on pavement and gravel from Hwy 204 at Langdon Lake in Tollgate, Oregon. Trail Notes
  • 0.0 Follow 10th street out of Elgin .
  • 2.3 After crossing a creek, the Terry Ranch Climb starts.
  • 4.6 Top out on the first climb, which is followed by a number of up and downs.
  • 10.9 After a sustained descent, arrive at ?? road on the left. Take this road and later left on Bowman loop if on cyclocross bike. This a good road to ride that loops back to the road near where the pavement ends.
  • 16.5 Arrive at the bottom of the descent to Lookingglass Creek and cross a bridge, immediately beginning the climb.
  • 18.2 Arrive at a junction with signs pointing left to Jubilee Lake. Follow the sign and turn left. Follow the main, more well traveled road for the remainder of the climb.
  • 26.0 Summit.
  • 27.2 Arrive at the road that connects the highway to Jubilee Lake. Take a right.
  • 27.9 You’ll see signs to take a right and head down to the lake and campground. There is a day use fee at the lake.